Advantages Of Installing An Inground Pool In The Fall

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The actual installation time of a vinyl liner pool takes about 4-5 days depending on weather and other local conditions. This time would not include pouring the patio around the pool or any landscaping. The excavation of the pool is larger than the actual pool size and then when the pool is installed, the dirt is backfilled against the pool panels.

In some cases, this over excavation is about three feet larger than the pool. This area is loose fill dirt and will settle. The longer you can wait to give this area time to settle, the longer your pool patio area will last without cracking. If the pool is installed in the October to December time frame, you can give that area the rest of the winter to settle and come back in early March to have the patio poured.

After the patio is poured, then you can look into doing some landscaping around the pool. The summer customer is mainly the most frustrated because they would like everything done at one time. You could pour the pool patio right away if you had your pool installer backfill the pool with gravel or stone dust or some type of material that will not settle.

When the pool is installed later in the year, it is no need to have the extra cost to backfill with some other material other then the excavated dirt. You will have plenty of time for the area to settle around your pool and plan your patio for next year. Visit your local pool dealer and learn more about the many pool option choices you have.