How To Extend Your Swimming Season

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Do you find it harder each year to have to put the cover over your pool? Are the kids asking please do not cover the pool yet? You can extend your swimming time by adding a Heater.

Pool heaters can easily be installed by your local pool company. The type of heater you will need, will depend on;

  1. How many gallons of water you have in your pool.
  2. Do you want a gas heater? They can be either propane or natural gas.
  3. Do you want an electric heater? Some of these can also cool the water.

Your local pool dealer can discuss these heater options with you. When you do add that heater, it is a good idea to also add a solar cover to keep the heat in the pool. The pool water can cool off quickly at night and the solar cover will slow down that process. The cover is light weight and inexpensive.

If you have a pool that holds 20,000 gallons of water, you might look at a 300,000 BTU Gas Heater (British Thermal Unit) heater. If you want to heat that same size pool quicker, look at a 400,000 BTU Gas Heater. The heater cost will be a little more with your initial purchase, but you will save in gas usage by heating quicker.

The Heat Pump is more energy efficient but the initial cost is higher than the Gas Heater. If your pool gets to hot in the height of the summer, look at the Heat Pump that heats and cools. This unit will keep you refreshed in the hot summer days and warm you on cooler days.