Types Of Winter Covers

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If you have an inground pool, you have quite a few choices on a winter covers. One type of cover is an automatic cover that is operated by pushing a button. This is the most expensive option. This type of cover has a track system that attaches along the edge of the pool and the cover is attached with a roller system. In most cases this cover is built into the pool during the initial installation process so that the motor and roller assembly can be installed below the deck. Some manufacturers also offer this type of cover with a manual system that is on rollers. Anchored Covers (also known as safety covers) are manually installed and removed. They are offered in Mesh and Solid. This is the type of cover that anchors are placed in the decking around the pool and the cover is attached to them. Anchors are available for concrete, wood, and pavers. In the winter time, these anchors are raised to hold the cover in place and in the summer they are lowered so they are flush with the deck.



The Mesh Safety Cover is offered in different grades of Mesh material. The lower grades of Mesh allow more sunlight in the pool during the winter and the higher grades reduce the effect of sunlight. The more sunlight your pool gets the more potential for algae to grow. The Mesh cover is available in different colors from some manufactures and only available in Green from others. The advantages of a mesh cover are lower cost and they are lighter, thus easier to put on and take off. The Solid Safety Cover will not allow any sunlight or water to enter your pool. When you remove this cover after the winter, the pool water is more likely to look like it did when you covered it. Different colors are also available from certain manufacturers. The Solid Safety Cover can come with a pump you leave on the cover all winter to pump off rain or melted snow or a mesh panel in the center to allow water to drain into the pool. This cover offers more protection for the pool but is heavier than the mesh.


The Water Tube type cover is also available. This cover will overlap your pool approximately two feet all around. On this two foot area, you can get water tubes that you fill half with water to hold the cover down. Do not fill completely because they will freeze and break. This type of cover is the least expensive. Your swimming pool dealer will help you with these options.