Is It Time To Add A Gas Heater To Our Pool?

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The heaters on the market today are now fast, efficient, compact, quiet, safe and eco-friendly. Now you do not have to wait until the temperatures are in the 80’s to enjoy swimming. On most of the new gas heaters there are no pilot lights; just push button digital controls plus a user-friendly indicator light makes operation and monitoring so simple.

Gas heaters are available for Propane or Natural Gas. If you live in an area with natural gas, your house might have a gas meter already attached to the house. You should get a licensed plumber to check this meter to make sure it will handle the additional BTU’s of the gas heater. BTU options will vary from 200,000 up to 400,000.

The size BTU heater you will need can be determined by your local Medallion pool dealer but it will depend on how many gallons of water you have in the pool and if you are looking to keep the pool heated all the time or only on demand. If you are going to install a propane heater, the local pool dealer can install the heater but you will need a propane company to make the connection from the propane tank to the heater. If you do not have a propane tank, the gas company can have one installed.

Placement of your new heater is very important. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for proper placement. Here are some examples; if the heater is going under a deck, you must have proper clearance from heater to deck. If the heater will be installed indoors, the gas fumes must be vented outside. The heater can’t be installed next to your heat pump. The proper placement information will be found in the heater manual.

A gas heater is a great way to extend your swimming season. Depending on where you live, the proper size heater can give you 60 more days plus of swimming time. Now is a good time to visit your local pool dealer to learn more about the different heater options. While you are there, be sure to ask about a solar cover to help your heater be more efficient.


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Do you find it harder each year to have to put the cover over your pool? Are the kids asking please do not cover the pool yet? You can extend your swimming time by adding a Heater.

Pool heaters can easily be installed by your local pool company. The type of heater you will need, will depend on;

1. How many gallons of water you have in your pool.

2. Do you want a gas heater? They can be either propane or natural gas.

3. Do you want an electric heater? Some of these can also cool the water.

Your local pool dealer can discuss these heater options with you. When you do add that heater, it is a good idea to also add a solar cover to keep the heat in the pool. The pool water can cool off quickly at night and the solar cover will slow down that process. The cover is light weight and inexpensive.

If you have a pool that holds 20,000 gallons of water, you might look at a 300,000 BTU Gas Heater (British Thermal Unit) heater. If you want to heat that same size pool quicker, look at a 400,000 BTU Gas Heater. The heater cost will be a little more with your initial purchase, but you will save in gas usuage by heating quicker.

The Heat Pump is more energy efficient but the initial cost is higher than the Gas Heater. If your pool gets to hot in the height of the summer, look at the Heat Pump that heats and cools. This unit will keep you refreshed in the hot summer days and warm you on cooler days.

Heat Pumps

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The heat pump is a great way to heat your pool or spa water for longer swimming seasons. With today’s energy costs, this is a great time to invest in a heat pump. Compared to gas, oil or electric heaters, the heat pumps use just a small amount of energy to generate the same amount of heat.

Some heat pumps have an LCD control board and displays a menu-driven readout with easy to follow full work messages, no codes to memorize. Most have an automatic defrost feature that senses refrigerant temperature and prevents freezing. Some also have an automatic feature that monitors water temperature and turns the pump on and off as needed.

Heaters can be installed with new construction or added later. The units are connected to the pump and filter of your pool with simple plumbing. See all instructions for proper connection.

The size of the heat pump you will need will depend on several factors:

How many gallons of water is in your pool?

What temperature are you trying to maintain for your swimming comfort?

What part of the country you live in?

Heaters for swimming pools are sized based on the BTU rating of the heater. The correct BTU rated heater you need will depend on your size and shape pool, gallons of water and what part of the country you live in. Once you determine the correct BTU rating, if you go a little larger you will be able to heat the pool quicker and save energy cost.

Some of the advantages of a Heat Pump:

No natural gas or propane gas to worry about

They are easy to install with the pool installation or as an add on later

Very little maintenance is required.

Stop by your local Medallion dealer and find out more.

Not Ready To Close Your Pool?

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swiming pool in winter with solar cover

It is hard to believe that summer is over. Our children are back in school, Friday night high school football games and a little cooler weather. My pool is beautiful and the kids love it.

Do not close it yet. Add a Heater. This is an easy installation for any pool. The heater will need to be installed next to the filter. If your filter is outside, then you have no problem at all. If your equipment is inside a building and you are going to add a gas heater, you will need to vent the gas fumes outside the building by adding a vent hood assembly kit.

pentair mastertemp heater


Some heaters require either natural gas or propane and some require only electricity. Some heaters will have a standing pilot light that has to be lit and others require the electrician properly wire it and you turn it on like the thermostat in your home with a gas source with no pilot light.

If you decide to install a gas heater, this type could be either a propane source or a natural gas source. If propane type, your local propane company will deliver a propane tank and make the gas connection. If you use a natural gas heater, you will need to get a plumber to make the gas connection to your home gas meter.

Go see your local swimming pool dealer and learn about the different type of pool heater options. Swim earlier each year and extend the season longer. Now that you have that investment in your pool, why close it early.