What Is A Skimvac

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This item is used when you vacuum a swimming pool. In order to manually vacuum a pool, you need these items; telescopic pole, vacuum hose, and vacuum brush. The Skimvac is the extra item that will make this process easier and save your equipment. They can also be used with suction side automatic vacuums.

Most people that own a swimming pool, remove their skimmer basket when they vacuum their pool and insert the end of the vacuum hose into the port in the bottom of the skimmer. If you are cleaning your pool this way, you could potentially cause a plumbing problem or a pump problem. Any leaves or other debris in your pool that you pick up with the vacuum brush are now going directly into your plumbing lines and possibly into the impeller of your pump. This could clog your plumbing lines and cause your impeller not to rotate and the pump would not work.

When you use the Skimvac, you will leave the basket in your skimmer and place this item directly over the basket. The vacuum hose goes into the opening on the Skimvac. The size skimvac you will need will depend on what skimmer you have. Your local Medallion swimming pool dealer should be able to help you find the skimvac you need. When you finish cleaning your pool, just empty the skimmer basket. No more worry about clogging your plumbing lines or having to remove trash from your pump.

Vermiculite Vs. Pre-formed Styrofoam Coves

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A cove is a required for almost all standard liners when installing and above ground vinyl liner swimming pool. You can either form the cove out of the base material (which is usually vermiculite) or you can purchase pre-formed coves made of Styrofoam. Certain types of sand are used in some cases as the base for the pool liner. Check your liner manufacturer’s recommendations first.

Pre-formed coves are easier to use. As the name implies, they are already the correct shape, you just need to install them. The disadvantage here is that they are one shape and size and only that one shape and size. If you are installing a properly sized liner under ideal conditions this does not present any problems. The next question is, now often have you ever really done anything in ideal conditions.

With vermiculite, you can change the size and proportions of the cove as needed to fit your conditions. Are you installing the liner on a cool day or without a lot of sunlight on the pool? In many cases you can compensate by building up your cove since the liner will not stretch as much. If a section of the pool has a different shape and the cove needs to be adjusted for that you can do it with vermiculite. Pre-formed coves cannot. Also, in most cases using the pool base material to make your own cove is more cost effective.

While pre-formed coves have their place, in most cases vermiculite is more cost effective and a better fit.

How To Get A Building Permit To Install A Swimming Pool

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Now that you have made that decision to purchase either and Above Ground Pool or In-Ground Pool, you will need to get a building permit. Your local Medallion pool dealer can help you with this process. Let’s discuss some of the details involved in getting that permit. The information here is generic in nature and may not apply to all localities. Consult your local building inspections department for complete details of their requirements.

You will need to do a sketch or take a plat of your property to the local building department. This sketch will show the location of your pool and the distance from your property line in all four directions. The applications you will need are one for the permit for the pool, one for the barrier or fence, and one for the electric. These are now available online from most local county building departments. The pool dealer should be able to supply you with engineering drawings of your pool. In some cases there may be an additional charge for these drawings depending on local requirements.

You, as the homeowner can get your own permit. The county usually has an affidavit you sign that states you are not a contractor needing a license to get this permit. Since most of the time, the pool installer is not doing the electric or the fence; the homeowner should get the permit. You may hire separate people to do the fence and electric. The pool installer will call his inspection in and the electric and fence installers will call their inspections in.

If you live in an area that has a well or septic tank with drain lines, you will need to let the county know the distance from the well or septic tank and drain field to your pool. The county will also require you to be a certain distance from the property lines and/or easements. You can check with your local building official to gets these requirements. The permit process is very easy and the county will be glad to help you. Your Medallion pool dealer will also help you with this process.

What Is An Ionizer

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An ionizer is another type of system that can be used to kill bacteria or algae in a pool. Ionizer’s are a unit that uses electricity to product metal ions. You cannot use ionization by itself for a sanitizer. Ionizers can reduce chlorine consumption and you will see a big difference in irritations and less odors, red eyes, itchy skin. It releases a precise quantity of ions into your pool water to kill algae and bacteria. They cannot oxidize organic matter enough, so additional chlorine treatment is necessary.

Ionizers put metals into your water. If you don’t have a test kit for this you need to get one because if you do not stay on top of it, it can cause a lot of problems with your equipment.

Although there are benefits to using an ionization system such as it helps to kill bacteria and viruses, more of a stable unit and the heat or cold does not affect the system. You also will not experience burning of the eyes or dry skin. But it is quite out dated when it comes to your pool or spas sanitizer. Probably, the number one method of sanitizing your pool or spa now is the chlorine generator or, as it is also known as, the salt system.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Auto Cleaner

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With Christmas not far away, for the husband or wife in your family that takes care of cleaning your above ground swimming pool, now is a good time to look at getting them an Automatic Pool Cleaner. Let’s talk about some different units.

1. Smart Kleen Model- Designed to clean the floor on smaller inground pools and above ground pools, has a 40’ power cord, extra large filter bag to hold debris. Two hour automatic shut off.

2. Lil Shark Model- Cleans a 10” path. Has only one moving part also has five adjustments for the cleaning area.

3. Wahoo- This is a suction side cleaner. It has hoses that you fill with water and attach to the skimmer. What you vacuum goes into the filter then you backwash if you have a sand filter. Cleaners # 1 and # 2 do not have a hose and the debris you vacuum goes into a bag that you would empty. The Wahoo comes with 30’ of hose. No tools required.

You also can get battery operated cleaners that you would physically vacuum the pool but you have no hose to connect or have to backwash the filter. Those units are:

1. Pool Blaster- rechargeable battery.

2. Catfish- 45 minute runtime. Reusable filter bag- 8” vacuum head

3. Aquabroom- requires 5 D cell batteries. 3 hour run time. Connects to your telescopic pole just like the other two.

These are just some of the many available options. Drop in and find out more.