How Do I Pay for My Inground Swimming Pool?

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Owning a swimming pool doesn’t have to set you back financially or break the bank. With so many options available, you can find exactly what you want, in your price range.

When it comes time to pay for this investment, you have several choices for financing a swimming pool.

Charging a Swimming Pool
Credit cards are a great choice especially if you use cards with low interest and/or obtain rewards for using it. If you go this route, but haven’t used the card in quite some time, call the credit card company. Let them know about the purchase and how much you plan to charge. You never know, you may be eligible for a new, lower interest rate, too.

For your protection, most credit card companies will not let you make a major purchase without authorizing it first. If you don’t contact the credit card company and go ahead with the purchase, they may think it’s a fraudulent charge. The transaction may also put you over a daily charge limit. It’s always best to check in with your credit card company.

HELOC to Buy a Swimming Pool
Home equity lines of credit are another way to finance a swimming pool. Currently, rates are very low and competitive making it an excellent time to apply for a HELOC. The interest may also be tax deductible since it is considered mortgage interest. You can get more information from your tax preparer.

Consolidation Loan to Pay for Swimming Pool
If you have a lot of monthly payments on various accounts, a consolidation loan may be something worth checking out. Combine everything into one payment, and lower your monthly payment. Depending on the current interest rate you on your home loan, you may be able to refinance at a lower rate, add a swimming pool payment, and still have a lower payment than before.

Other Swimming Pool Financing Options
There are also several online companies that will finance swimming pool purchases without collateral. The interest rates will vary depending on your credit rating.

For more information on swimming pool financing and pricing, contact us or see your local pool dealer.

How to Shop for a Swimming Pool

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Now that you have made the decision to purchase a pool, the choice is whether it will be an above ground pool or an inground swimming pool. If you want a pool with a deep end for diving, the pool will need to be inground. If you’re more interested in playing games, like volleyball, you can choose either an inground or above ground swimming pool.

Deciding Between Above Ground & Inground Swimming Pools

Visit your local pool dealer’s showroom, or the Medallion Pools showroom to see all the options. Swimming pool experts can help you find a pool that fits your budget and yard conditions. There could be several options for installation both inground and above ground, so the choice is yours. If you have a slope in your yard, you can choose to install the swimming pool partially inground as well.

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Investing in a Swimming Pool

We hear customers all the time share how much they want a pool, but are afraid it’s out of their budget. Don’t ever think you can’t afford a pool. Times have changed, and pool manufacturers are now offering pool products to every customer’s budget. If your preference is an above ground swimming pool, you will find many quality options to fit your needs.

If you prefer an inground pool, these can also be designed to fit your yard and your budget. Vinyl liner pools are the most affordable inground option. You get a much larger pool, with more features, when compared to a fiberglass or concrete with the same budget.

Visit Medallion Pools Showroom today to see for yourself all of the inground and above ground pool options available in your budget.

How to Extend Your Swimming Season

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Are you anxious to open your pool early this spring? Do you find it harder each year to put the cover over your inground swimming pool? Are the kids begging you not to do it yet? If so, you can extend your swimming time by adding an electric pool heater.

Pool heaters can easily be installed by your pool company. The type of heater you will need depends on a few factors including the pool volume, in gallons, as well as whether you’re interested in gas or electric. Gas heaters can either be propane or natural gas. Electric heaters have the ability to also cool water.

Your local Medallion dealer can discuss these heater options with you. When you add the heater, it is a good idea to also invest in a solar cover to keep water warm. Pool water can cool off quickly at night, and a cover will slow down that process. Solar covers are lightweight and inexpensive.

Gas Pool Heaters vs. Electric Pool Heaters

If you have a pool that holds 20,000 gallons of water, you might look at a 300,000 BTU gas heater (British Thermal Unit) heater. If you want to heat that same size pool quicker, look at a 400,000 BTU gas heater. The heater will cost a little more with your initial purchase, but you will save in gas usage because it heats faster.

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Depending on the model of gas pool heater you choose, you’ll need the fuel source. Hooking up a propane tank is a very easy way to get the gas connection. If you go with a natural gas heater, you will want to get a plumber to establish the gas connection to your home gas meter.

An electric heat pump is more energy efficient, but the initial cost is greater than a gas heater. If your pool gets too hot in the height of the summer, check out a heat pump that both heats and cools. These units keep you refreshed on hot summer days, but warm you up in cooler temperatures.

Get the most out of swimming season this year
With a heater in your pool, there’s no reason to close it early! In fact, it enables you to swim earlier each year and extend your swimming season even longer. Contact Medallion Pools, or your local Medallion swimming pool dealer, to learn all about the different types of pool heater options.