Hot Tub & Spa Water Maintenance

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Please remember that this article contains general information only and is not intended as a complete spa care guide. Be sure to follow the instructions from your spa’s manufacturer.

Spa maintenance is based around keeping the water balanced, sanitized and filtered. All of the steps in spa maintenance are user-friendly, simple and straightforward. For most spas it is recommended to perform maintenance and change the water every 4-6 months.

Spa Maintenance Water Testing

The most important step in maintaining hot tubs and spas is chemically treating the water to eliminate bacteria. Your local pool and spa dealer will be able to help you test your spa water and determine the best chemical solutions to use. It’s not just getting the proper chemicals, but keeping them in the right range so you can get many years of enjoyment out of your hot tub.

When testing spa water, your dealer is determining the levels of the following:

 - Chlorine, Bromine, BaquaSpa, or Salt

 - pH

 - Total Alkalinity

- Stabilizer (if needed)

- Calcium Hardness

Calcium Hardness for Spas

Maintaining the range of calcium hardness your spa dealer suggests is very important. If it gets too high, scale will build up eventually causing your heating element to fail due to a chemical problem. This damage is typically not covered under warranty by the spa manufacturer.

pH Levels for Spas

pH levels that are too low, or too high, can cause damage to your spa and its heating element. High pH levels also lead to scale build up. Alkalinity acts as a buffer for the pH to help prevent rapid fluctuations. Stabilizer prevents sunlight from stripping chlorine, or bromine, out of your water.

Spa Filters

Most spas have a cartridge filter that must be kept clean and replaced regularly. It’s a good idea to have a replacement filter on hand. This way, when you’re soaking the dirty one in filter solution overnight, you have an extra to keep the spa operating and ready for use.

For questions on chemically treating hot tub and spa water, contact Medallion Pools or your local pool and spa dealer.

What Is a Portable Spa?

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What is a portable spa? The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) defines a portable (self-contained) spa as “a factory-built spa in which all control, water heating and water circulation equipment is an integral part of the product”.


Portable Spa Benefits

We all know that relaxing in a hot tub or spa provides many benefits for the mind and body. A spa experience can reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, soothe sore joints and much more. Many people assume that portable spas require a big investment in time and money, when in fact those are some of the advantages of the product!

Affordable—With so many options available, there is something for your needs and budget.

Hassle free installation—Bring it home in a truck or trailer, and plug into a regular wall outlet.  

Ease of use—Fill with water, turn the heater on and climb on in!

Portable—Easily relocated if you move, or want to change where spa is set up.

Portable Spa Maintenance & Installation

As with any type of spa, the portable spa needs to be properly installed and maintained to meet your expectations and provide continued problem free usage. Balancing, sanitizing and filtering the water are just a few steps to spa maintenance. Luckily, it’s easy to keep your portable spa clean!

There are several sanitizer options for a portable spa. We suggest taking a sample of water to your spa dealer to have them determine which chemicals you need. It is also advisable to keep an extra filter cartridge on hand. While you are cleaning one, the other can be in the spa ready for use.


To learn more about the benefits of a portable spa, or for installation and maintenance tips, contact Medallion Pools or visit your local spa dealer.

Why Buy a Swim Spa

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Within the past years, the spa and pool family has had a new addition in the form of a swim spa.

Swim spas are miniature pools that allow you to swim in place either against a swim current or tether. These creative devices have become highly popular due to their size, versatility and health benefits.

Investing in a Swim Spa

Buying a swim spa is investing in yourself, your family, and your backyard. A swim spa offers a combination of entertainment, relaxation and exercise. Swim spas are the best of both worlds, giving you the comfort of a hot tub with the mobility and convenience you find in a swimming pool.

4 Reasons to Buy a Swim Spa

1. Healthy Living

Working out in a swim spa means getting all the benefits of health fitness in the convenience of your backyard. Swimming, or aquatic exercising, is a great cardio workout allowing every muscle to work in unison with less impact on joints. Swim spas help you maintain a productive and healthy training regimen at your own pace and convenience.

The benefits of exercising in a swim spa include:

- Increased mobility
-Reduced stiffness
- Eases muscle pain
- Prevents joint soreness
- Low impact form of exercise

2. Size

Although the idea of having a swimming pool in your backyard might be exciting, it will take up a great deal of space. Swim spas are significantly smaller and lighter than a cement pool.

Install it above ground or in-ground. Tuck it in the corner of a room, build into your deck, or create a sunroom oasis. Installation is extremely easy, and the location possibilities are endless. Buying a swim spa can save a big percentage of the costs of constructing and operating a pool.

3. Unlimited Function and Family Fun

With a swim spa, the integrated water current allows you to effectively swim, relax, rehab, and exercise as you would in a large pool. Regardless of where you live, you can use your miniature pool all year long, or just extend your swimming season into the spring and fall.

If you have children, you should consider buying a swim spa. Enjoy memorable bonding and fun times with your family, and know they are safe. While managing a larger pool might be time-consuming, a swim spa offers more flexibility because it requires less maintenance.

4. Portability

Above-ground swim spas are mobile and portable, which gives you the convenience of taking them with you when you move. Simply disassemble a few pieces and pack it away. This mobility also enables you to take it with you to a different area of your home where you like to spend most of your time.

Convenience & Versatility of Swim Spas

These four reasons only begin to scratch the surface of why buying a swim spa may be a great decision for your family. Start planning how you can purchase one with less hassle and less cost with Medallion Pools.

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How to Buy a Portable Spa

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Portable spas are versatile and affordable. If you’ve been thinking over the decision to purchase a portable spa, you won’t be disappointed! However, you should take care in choosing the best spa for your home and your needs.

Factors in Choosing a Portable Spa

With so many portable spas on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide on the right one. When shopping for a portable spa, consider the following factors.

1. How many people will use the spa at one time?

Generally, for a family of four an 8’ portable spa is plenty of room. However, if you plan to invite friends and neighbors over you’ll want to go with a larger spa. Also think about the power source you have running to your portable spa, as this may change the sizes to consider.

2. Do you want a spa with just seats, or loungers?

This is really based on how you want to use your spa. Loungers provide a great place to stretch out, relax, and enjoy full body therapy without moving from seat to seat. Seats are better suited for packing more people in to chat and socialize. It also allows you to move around the portable spa with greater ease and comfort.

3. Would you like one spa lounger or two?

Portable spa lounge seats naturally take up more room than a standard seat. You can assume that with each lounger you have you’ll have at least one less seat. Two lounger portable spas typically don’t have many, if any, regular seats.

4. Where do you plan to place your spa?

Portable spas can be used indoors or outdoors. In either location the surface must be solid, level and sturdy. For indoor use, it’s important to ensure the portable spa can fit through doorways and stairwells. For outdoor use, concrete patios and solid decks are best.

5. How many jets do you want, and do you prefer them on your neck, back and legs?

This all depends on how you intend to use your portable spa. More jets don’t necessarily mean a better spa experience. Too many jets can push you around the spa, while not enough will leave you wishing for more powerful hydrotherapy. Consider where you want the most jet focus and go from there when looking at your options.

Strong Spas—The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Buying a Portable Spa

You check out different portable spa models online. Once you’ve gotten a sense for your options, see them in person. Visit your local spa dealer, or visit Medallion Pools showroom. We have plenty of empty spas for you to sit in so you can gain a sense for size, depth and comfort.

Some portable spa models are available for immediate purchase. Load it onto your truck or trailer to take home, add water, and start enjoying the same day. These spas will come with a cord and GFCI designed to plug into your wall outlet so no electrician is necessary.

Do you have a hard to get to location in mind for your spa in your home? No problem, purchase the Fun Tub model designed to be assembled on site.

For more information on buying a portable spa, visit your local pool dealer, or contact us.

Why Consider a Spa or Hot Tub this Winter?

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The wonderful therapy of warm water on your body thru the many jets offered in a spa is great for the mind and body. Have a hard day at work? Kids making it difficult to get a good night sleep? Joint or muscle soreness? No better way to unwind than in your own hot tub or portable spa.

Many sizes, depths and special features are available that truly make this a custom spa experience. Some units offer waterfalls, LED lights, radio, TV—you name it, the options are unlimited. Portable spas and hot tubs come with the convenience of loungers or individual seating. The spa pack containing a heat element offers warm water, and the jet action of the water can be controlled by a very accessible control panel.

Learn about the Medallion Fun Tub II now!

If you have a hard time accessing the location where you hope to install your new hot tub or spa, consider a unit that is assembled at your home. You don’t lose out on space with these models, many are large enough for up to 10 people!

Various chemical options are available to make owning your own spa almost maintenance free. You can even use a salt system in a portable spa or hot tub. Talk to your local spa company to learn about these options.

Perks of getting a hot tub in the winter

Although a hot tub or portable spa is a great addition to a swimming pool, you don’t need to make that big investment to enjoy the luxury and comfort of your own spa. Here are a few more reasons why winter is a great time of year for a hot tub…

  • Slower retail season, special offers and discounts available
  • Stress relief during the busiest time of year for most families
  • Warm water offers relief from dry winter air thus improving skin
  • Relieves joint and muscle aches commonly associated with cold weather

There is no need to wait until weather turns warm again to get that personal spa or hot tub experience in the privacy of your home. Contact Medallion Pools to learn all about the hot tub and spa options available to you. Let us help you start your search today!