Advantages Of Installing An Inground Pool In The Fall

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inground kidney shaped swimming pool

The actual installation time of a vinyl liner pool takes about 4-5 days depending on weather and other local conditions. This time would not include pouring the patio around the pool or any landscaping. The excavation of the pool is larger than the actual pool size and then when the pool is installed, the dirt is backfilled against the pool panels.

In some cases, this over excavation is about three feet larger than the pool. This area is loose fill dirt and will settle. The longer you can wait to give this area time to settle, the longer your pool patio area will last without cracking. If the pool is installed in the October to December time frame, you can give that area the rest of the winter to settle and come back in early March to have the patio poured.

After the patio is poured, then you can look into doing some landscaping around the pool. The summer customer is mainly the most frustrated because they would like everything done at one time. You could pour the pool patio right away if you had your pool installer backfill the pool with gravel or stone dust or some type of material that will not settle.

When the pool is installed later in the year, it is no need to have the extra cost to backfill with some other material other then the excavated dirt. You will have plenty of time for the area to settle around your pool and plan your patio for next year. Visit your local pool dealer and learn more about the many pool option choices you have.

The Gizzmo

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The Gizzmo

The Gizzmo is designed to absorb the expansion of water freezing in the skimmer of your swimming pool. It is an American made product. There are currently three types of Gizzmo: Regular, Super, and Super Duper Ultra.

The Regular Gizzmo is 9 inches long and installs in short skimmers. These skimmers are found on most above ground pools and some inground pools. It has 1-1/2 inch threads and a bar to grip on top for easy installation and removal.

The Super Gizzmo is 16 inches long and is designed for deep skimmers. These skimmers are found on most inground pools and some above ground pools. It has both 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch threads. This allows one product to fit multiple types of skimmers. It also has the same bar grip as the Regular Gizzmo.

The Super Duper Ultra Gizzmo is the same size and has all the same features as the Super Gizzmo but with an added feature. It contains an integrated blowout tube. This allows you to use compressed air to blow the water out of your skimmer lines should that be necessary for your pool.

For all models, use Teflon tape on the threads for a professional seal. Teflon tape is a very thin white tape used to wrap threads on pipe and fittings to improve the seal. Gizzmo’s are designed for single season use and are recyclable.


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Do you find it harder each year to have to put the cover over your pool? Are the kids asking please do not cover the pool yet? You can extend your swimming time by adding a Heater.

Pool heaters can easily be installed by your local pool company. The type of heater you will need, will depend on;

1. How many gallons of water you have in your pool.

2. Do you want a gas heater? They can be either propane or natural gas.

3. Do you want an electric heater? Some of these can also cool the water.

Your local pool dealer can discuss these heater options with you. When you do add that heater, it is a good idea to also add a solar cover to keep the heat in the pool. The pool water can cool off quickly at night and the solar cover will slow down that process. The cover is light weight and inexpensive.

If you have a pool that holds 20,000 gallons of water, you might look at a 300,000 BTU Gas Heater (British Thermal Unit) heater. If you want to heat that same size pool quicker, look at a 400,000 BTU Gas Heater. The heater cost will be a little more with your initial purchase, but you will save in gas usuage by heating quicker.

The Heat Pump is more energy efficient but the initial cost is higher than the Gas Heater. If your pool gets to hot in the height of the summer, look at the Heat Pump that heats and cools. This unit will keep you refreshed in the hot summer days and warm you on cooler days.

Types Of Winter Covers

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automatic swimming pool cover

If you have an inground pool, you have quite a few choices on a winter covers. One type of cover is an automatic cover that is operated by pushing a button. This is the most expensive option. This type of cover has a track system that attaches along the edge of the pool and the cover is attached with a roller system. In most cases this cover is built into the pool during the initial installation process so that the motor and roller assembly can be installed below the deck. Some manufacturers also offer this type of cover with a manual system that is on rollers. Anchored Covers (also known as safety covers) are manually installed and removed. They are offered in Mesh and Solid. This is the type of cover that anchors are placed in the decking around the pool and the cover is attached to them. Anchors are available for concrete, wood, and pavers. In the winter time, these anchors are raised to hold the cover in place and in the summer they are lowered so they are flush with the deck.

swimming pool safety cover

The Mesh Safety Cover is offered in different grades of Mesh material. The lower grades of Mesh allow more sunlight in the pool during the winter and the higher grades reduce the effect of sunlight. The more sunlight your pool gets the more potential for algae to grow. The Mesh cover is available in different colors from some manufactures and only available in Green from others. The advantages of a mesh cover are lower cost and they are lighter, thus easier to put on and take off.

The Solid Safety Cover will not allow any sunlight or water to enter your pool. When you remove this cover after the winter, the pool water is more likely to look like it did when you covered it. Different colors are also available from certain manufacturers. The Solid Safety Cover can come with a pump you leave on the cover all winter to pump off rain or melted snow or a mesh panel in the center to allow water to drain into the pool. This cover offers more protection for the pool but is heavier than the mesh.

swimming pool with water tube cover

The Water Tube type cover is also available. This cover will overlap your pool approximately two feet all around. On this two foot area, you can get water tubes that you fill half with water to hold the cover down. Do not fill completely because they will freeze and break. This type of cover is the least expensive. Your swimming pool dealer will help you with these options.

Winterizing Your Pool – Part 3

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inground pool with safety cover

We wanted to give you a few basic tips on how to winterize your vinyl liner swimming pool. Please note that this is just a generic information list and not intended as a complete winterizing guide. Every pool is different so please be sure to follow all the instructions found in your owner’s manuals. If you have any questions regarding your particular installation the company you purchased the pool or equipment from should be more than happy to help you. As always, when using any chemicals be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety precautions. They are there for a reason.

This article is being done in several parts. The third part deals mainly with what to do during the winter.

  • It is normal to add water to your pool throughout the winter months due to evaporation. Lift your cover often, check your water level and add as necessary.
  • If your cover is waterproof, water will accumulate on the top from the winter rains. When the water level reaches 1 to 2 inches in depth, then it is time to pump most of it off. It is recommended to leave a film of water on water tube type covers to keep them from whipping about in the wind. When you pump the water off your cover make sure you replace the water in the pool with a garden hose while you are pumping the cover off. If you do not keep your water level up high then there is a good possibility that your liner will float and wrinkles could develop on the bottom and/or sides of your liner. A shifting of the bottom can also occur.
  • Do not try to break the ice on your cover. The sharp edges might cut the cover.
  • Start the motor at least once each month for no more than 3 seconds. This will help prevent scale from accumulating and binding up the impeller and motor shaft.
  • Again, never drain the water from your pool and always keep your water level high. Remember when you pump water off your cover always have a garden hose filling your pool at the same time at the same rate as you are pumping your cover off.

It is very difficult to cover every detail that is required to winterize a swimming pool. We hope we have covered most of the items in these articles. If you have any additional questions or concerns visit your local pool store, your installer, or your pool’s manufacturer. This set of instructions is designed as a general guide only. Every pool is unique and has individual requirements for winterization. Medallion neither makes nor implies any guarantee that by following these instructions you will halt all chances of a floating liner, cracked or frozen skimmer, cracked or frozen pump, cracked or frozen heater, cracked or frozen filter, cracked or frozen plumbing, etc. These are all considered acts of God and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to prevent these items from happening.