Planning Information For Opening Your Swimming Pool

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We realize it is still too early to remove the cover from the pool and start using it, but it is never too early to plan. If you have a sand filter, when was the last time you either changed your sand or cleaned the sand? As you go through a swimming pool season, suntan lotion, oils from your body, peeling skin, etc. all go into your filter and could affect the operation of the sand filter.

The sand should be cleaned at least once a year and how often you change the sand will depend on how active you are in using your pool, how many people use it daily and how well you keep the pool chemically balanced. You should try to change the sand at least once every three to five years depending on pool usage. If you have not changed the sand within five years, a good time to do it would be before you remove the pool cover.

Check the o-rings on the pump drain plugs. When was the last time you changed them? If they are worn, this will cause air to get into the circulation system and you might have a hard time priming the pump or getting a good flow of water into the pool. You should replace them each season. Also check the drain plug on your filter to see if it has an o-ring.

Your sand filter has a multi-port value. Is the handle hard to turn? If it is, you might be having some problems with your spoke gasket. Fix it now while you still have plenty of time. When you turn the multi-port value handle, does it loosely fit back into one of the listed functions? If so, you should replace the spring. Make opening your pool a little bit easier by addressing these items soon.

Tired Of Diving In Your Swimming Pool And Want To Play More Games?

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You may have installed your vinyl liner swimming pool years ago when your children were smaller. At that time, they wanted a pool with a deep end for diving. Unless you had a very large swimming pool, this left you very little shallow end.

Now as time marches on, the children have moved out and started their own lives. Your swimming pool is still there with the deep end but you do not dive. You prefer a pool that does not have a deep end. You would like to be able to use your whole pool to stand or play in.

When you are ready to install a new liner, that deep end can be filled in and your new deep end could have a depth of 5’or 6’. The deep end is normally filled in with gravel and that is covered with vermiculite. You now will have more of a usable swimming pool. Space will now allow you to play volleyball, basketball or any other type of game in your swimming pool.

You will find out that your kids now will enjoy your pool more when they visit with you. If you now have grandchildren, they will love being able to use the whole pool and play games.

Coping For Your Inground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

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You have several options available. Coping is the item that attaches to the top of your swimming pool panel and it holds the liner in place. With the proper coping used, it will be easy to change your liner in the future without removing any coping or pool deck.

Receptor coping mounts on top of your swimming pool panel and is designed to pour concrete into. This type of coping will give you a white edge look around your pool where it meets your deck. You can easily install a new liner with this type of coping. Most types are manufactured from aluminum and have been finished with baked on white paint.

Side mount coping will attach to the top inside wall of your swimming pool panel and you will not see a white edge look around the pool. This type of coping is used a lot when you want to install bull nose brick or stone around the edge of your pool. You liner will still be easy to change.

Top mount coping is used when you want to pour a Cantilever Deck around the edge of your pool. You will not see a white edge around your pool. You also will need to use Cantilever Coping Forms with this type of coping. This is a Styrofoam form that will attach to your liner temporarily in order to pour the concrete for the cantilever decking. This form is then removed. Your liner will still be easy to change.

Discuss your options with your pool and decking contractors to make sure you choose the right style for your installation.

Aqua Decals

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Has your vinyl liner pool been installed for a while and you are not looking to change your liner yet but would like to bring a little more life to your liner? Then now is the time you should consider adding an Aqua Decal.

These decals will stick directly onto your vinyl liner without having to drain any water from your pool. These decals could appear as, Dolphin, Fish, Turtles, even a Martini Glass with a fake $100 bill attached under it. Many size options are available.

Need to repair a spot on your liner? Use an Aqua Decal and liven up the look of your pool at the same time.

These decals are Scratch, Chemical and UV resistant. What a great way to add a little more style to your pool with not a lot of effort or expense. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, do not worry. The cleaner will not remove the decal. Since the decal image is printed a little below its surface, brushing will not scratch it off.

Freezing temperature or heat will not affect these decals. They are rated for temperature from -40 degrees to + 100 degrees. Since the highest quality UV resistant pigments have been used, the color of the decal will last for many years. Come by Medallion Pools today and be prepared to install an Aqua Decal this season. Your family and friends will love this new look.

Vermiculite Vs. Pre-formed Styrofoam Coves

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A cove is a required for almost all standard liners when installing and above ground vinyl liner swimming pool. You can either form the cove out of the base material (which is usually vermiculite) or you can purchase pre-formed coves made of Styrofoam. Certain types of sand are used in some cases as the base for the pool liner. Check your liner manufacturer’s recommendations first.

Pre-formed coves are easier to use. As the name implies, they are already the correct shape, you just need to install them. The disadvantage here is that they are one shape and size and only that one shape and size. If you are installing a properly sized liner under ideal conditions this does not present any problems. The next question is, now often have you ever really done anything in ideal conditions.

With vermiculite, you can change the size and proportions of the cove as needed to fit your conditions. Are you installing the liner on a cool day or without a lot of sunlight on the pool? In many cases you can compensate by building up your cove since the liner will not stretch as much. If a section of the pool has a different shape and the cove needs to be adjusted for that you can do it with vermiculite. Pre-formed coves cannot. Also, in most cases using the pool base material to make your own cove is more cost effective.

While pre-formed coves have their place, in most cases vermiculite is more cost effective and a better fit.