Can A Pool Be Installed With A Well And Septic Tank On Site

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If you want to install an inground pool and you live in a home with a well and or a septic tank, yes an inground pool can be installed. Each county has a requirement on the distance you need to be away from your well or septic. You need to check with your local building department to get this exact number.

An inground pool has its own plumbing system so it will not have to be connected to your plumbing. The water edge of the pool needs to be a certain distance away from the well or septic but in most cases; your pool patio would not have to be this distance away. Be sure you tell your pool installer where your septic tank and drain field are located.

The septic tank also has drain lines that can extend out 60 to 90 feet or more. You need to know where these lines are. If you have no idea, you should contact your local building inspector or health department to see if they have a copy of your property plat showing where the builder installed these lines. Water edge of the pool also has to be a certain distance from these lines. Your building department can tell you that requirement.

The pool dealer you have contracted with to install your pool also should know these requirements and can help you with your pool location on your property. Just remember, before doing any excavation, determine where your septic tank and drain lines are located.

Why Buy A Swimming Pool

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Have you ever been to the beach on a holiday week or a holiday weekend? If so, do you remember the heavy traffic going and coming? Even gas lines in the service station were sometimes long. How about kids fighting in the car asking when are we going to get there?

Do you live in a subdivision with a community pool? On very hot days, you need to get there early to get a good location. Do you bring food and drinks for the kids or do you buy those items at the pool concession area. When kids have to go to the bathroom, do you think they all get out of the pool to go?

Now visualize July 4th. You have your bathing suit on, cold drinks, good food to snack on and you are walking into your own back yard to get into your very own pool. No traffic jams. No screaming children. No concession stands to fight the crowd. Swim and play at your leisure. Wow, would that not be great.

There is no better time than the present to contact your local Swimming Pool Dealer to arrange a visit. With the manufacturing techniques available today, a pool can be manufactured to fit anyone’s budget. Improve your quality of life and family togetherness with your own pool.

Swimming Pool Dealers

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Now that you have made that decision to purchase an Inground Swimming Pool, who do you call and what do you ask? If some of your friends have a pool, you might ask them who they got their pool from. You could look on line for Swimming Pool Dealers in your area and give them a call.

Next, visit their showroom. It is much easier to visualize how something will look in your yard when you have seen and stood next to the full size version. Many of your questions can be much more easily answered by your salesperson if they can simply walk you over to the product and show you, as opposed to using pictures and brochures.

You have made that appointment to see your first Dealer, were they on time? Did they call you if they were going to be late? Did they make the appointment with you on a day and time that was convenient with you? Did they make a good first impression? Did they talk bad about other pool dealers? How long have they been in business?

Along with the price you receive from a pool dealer, these questions should also play a part in your decision on which pool company you want to do business with. The person coming into your home should be prepared and able to answer your questions. If not, he/she should be able to get you the answers in a timely manner. They should spend your time talking about their own company and products, giving you reasons why you should choose them. They should not spend your time telling you how awful their competitors are and why you should not hire them.

A photo album showing pictures of their pool installations during construction stages and completion stages should be a part of their meeting with you. The ability to look at your yard and make recommendations on pool size, location, elevation and any potential construction issues should be areas they should discuss with you.

What is Synergy?

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Synergy may be a new name for you in sanitizers. It has been around for several years and was previously known as Simplicity, but most people either go with the granular chlorine, tablet chlorine, or have switched to the salt system (an extremely easy to use system that you can read more about by clicking here). While all of those are good, the Synergy System is a 3 step process to start then it is a very simple 2 step process, once a week treatment. Almost all customers that have tried the Synergy System are highly satisfied. They like the ease of use, water clarity, cost effectiveness and the all in a box packaging.

There is a large reduction of problems with the Synergy System. Your water is less cloudy and it reduces algae. You also use very little PH and Alkalinity as compared to other sanitizing systems. This System means a lot less work for you.

When you start the season you will add Initiator directly to your skimmer. IMPORTANT: If you have been on Baquacil or any other chemical that does not have a chlorine base in it you must get all of that chemical out of your pool first. It takes one 12.5 lb bottle per 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. This should last you for a typical swimming season of approximately 4 months. If you keep your pool open longer you may have to add it again. A large box of Synergy is made for pools of approximately 20,000 gallons and should last up to 10 weeks. After 2 weeks which gives the Initiator time to circulate in you pool, you should take a sample of water to your pool store to have it tested for the proper dosage of initiator. You need to have a 1.0-1.5 ppm sanitizer (free chlorine) level. If everything is correct then it’s time to start the Synergy System.

The large box contains 2 large containers of Synergy Tablets, 10 - 1 lb. bottles of Synergy Clear and test strips. You simply put the tablets in a floater or an automatic chlorinator once a week. Then you pour the clear into the pool at a rate of ½ a bottle per 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. That’s it. It’s only once a week. The Synergy System is easier on your liner, clothes and hair. The Synergy System also helps to eliminate most of the irritating chloramines and other contaminants that bother the swimmer’s eyes and nose and the water feels very soft on your skin. Then relax and enjoy your pool with sparkling clear water, less maintenance and less maintenance chemicals.

What Is An Ionizer

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An ionizer is another type of system that can be used to kill bacteria or algae in a pool. Ionizer’s are a unit that uses electricity to product metal ions. You cannot use ionization by itself for a sanitizer. Ionizers can reduce chlorine consumption and you will see a big difference in irritations and less odors, red eyes, itchy skin. It releases a precise quantity of ions into your pool water to kill algae and bacteria. They cannot oxidize organic matter enough, so additional chlorine treatment is necessary.

Ionizers put metals into your water. If you don’t have a test kit for this you need to get one because if you do not stay on top of it, it can cause a lot of problems with your equipment.

Although there are benefits to using an ionization system such as it helps to kill bacteria and viruses, more of a stable unit and the heat or cold does not affect the system. You also will not experience burning of the eyes or dry skin. But it is quite out dated when it comes to your pool or spas sanitizer. Probably, the number one method of sanitizing your pool or spa now is the chlorine generator or, as it is also known as, the salt system.