Why Does My Swimming Pool Get Cloudy

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Many factors go into answering this question. Some possible reasons are;

1. Dirty filter or baskets (skimmer & strainer)

2. Not running the filter & pump long enough each day

3. Chemical problem

Lets discuss each.

If you have a sand filter, the sand may need to be replaced or just try getting the proper pool chemical and clean the sand first. Sand should be cleaned several times a season and changed every 3-5 years (this could vary depending on pool and chemical usage). If you have a cartridge filter, make sure you have a clean cartridge. If you have a DE filter, make sure you have enough DE Powder and that the grids are clean. Every time you backwash your DE filter, you should add the recommended amount of DE powder.

A lot of customers only turn their pump on at night. With high heat and humidity, the pool water will always look cloudy. If you have a continuous use pump, your filter system can run 24/7 during the summer. The more you filter the water, the cleaner it is going to be. With a chlorine generator, make sure the unit is in the right function to produce the proper amount of chlorine from salt.

Water chemistry is the most common reason for cloudy water. All these chemicals have to be in the proper range or cloudy water could be the result;

Chlorine reading- 1.5-2.0

PH- 7.4-7.6

Alkalinity- 110PPM

Calcium Hardness- 250 +

Stabilizer- 40 PPM

Please note that based on the chemical system you are using, these recommended readings may vary. If you bring a sample of your pool water to your local Medallion dealer, they can test it and give you the advice you need to eliminate cloudy water.

My Swimming Pool Never Gets A Chlorine Reading

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In order to answer why, these are some basic questions that must be answered.

1. If you have a sand filter, when was the last time you either cleaned or changed the sand?

2. If you use chlorine tablets, do you use the 3” or 1” size?

3. How many hours a day to run your pump?

4. What is the level of Stabilizer in your pool water?

If you have a sand filter, you should clean the sand at least once each season and change the sand about every three to five years as long as you are cleaning the sand each season. Oils from your body, sweat, suntan lotion all get inside your filter and make the sand less effective. You need a chemical to break up these containments and make your filter more effective.

With the use of chlorine tablets, if you use the 3” size, they may not be dissolving quickly enough to meet your pool’s chlorine demand. You may also have a very low stabilizer reading. Chlorine tablets have stabilizer built into them but they need to dissolve quickly enough in order for the stabilizer level in your pool to be above 40. If below that, the sun will take out the chlorine almost as soon as you get it into the pool.

In the very hot summer months, your pump needs to run 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. You can’t run the pump only at night or only during the day and keep the proper chlorine level in your pool. You will spend more money on chemicals to control algae and acid levels than you will with energy. A good test kit is a must. Try the five way test strips.Please keep in mind that this is just a generic overview of a few of the main causes of low chlorine problems. Before adding any chemicals to your pool be sure to have your water properly tested then read and follow the instructions printed on the labels. Always remember “Safety First” when dealing with chemicals.

Aqua Decals

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Has your vinyl liner pool been installed for a while and you are not looking to change your liner yet but would like to bring a little more life to your liner? Then now is the time you should consider adding an Aqua Decal.

These decals will stick directly onto your vinyl liner without having to drain any water from your pool. These decals could appear as, Dolphin, Fish, Turtles, even a Martini Glass with a fake $100 bill attached under it. Many size options are available.

Need to repair a spot on your liner? Use an Aqua Decal and liven up the look of your pool at the same time.

These decals are Scratch, Chemical and UV resistant. What a great way to add a little more style to your pool with not a lot of effort or expense. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, do not worry. The cleaner will not remove the decal. Since the decal image is printed a little below its surface, brushing will not scratch it off.

Freezing temperature or heat will not affect these decals. They are rated for temperature from -40 degrees to + 100 degrees. Since the highest quality UV resistant pigments have been used, the color of the decal will last for many years. Come by Medallion Pools today and be prepared to install an Aqua Decal this season. Your family and friends will love this new look.

Water Returns Slowly To My Pool

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A swimming pool has a skimmer where the pool water goes into and from there into the filter and then back to the pool thru the return wall fitting. Have you noticed your return water flow is not as strong as it used to be? What could be causing this?

If you have a Cartridge Filter, when was the last time you changed or cleaned your filter? If you have a DE Filter, have you checked the grids inside lately? If you have a Sand Filter, when was the last time you changed or cleaned your sand? If you have maintained your filter properly, then this might not be your problem.

When you vacuum your pool, do you use a Skimvac that fits over top of your skimmer basket? By using this Skimvac, the basket can stay in place and trap any leaves or debris. If you do not use the Skimvac, you may have some debris trapped in the impeller of the motor in your swimming pool pump. This impeller has to rotate so many revelations per minute. Leaves and debris will slow this movement.

Slow water flow does not mean your swimming pool pump is going bad. You need to check the impeller, the skimmer and strainer baskets and even your plumbing lines. When the water flow slows down, the filter and these other items need to be checked. Something is restricting the flow of water back to the pool. In most cases, this is simply an issue with a dirty filter or baskets, so check those first.

Swimming Pool Controls And Automation

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Are you thinking about installing a Swimming Pool but wondering where the equipment will go and will you be able to understand how to operate it or find the time to learn how? Automation is your answer. You can schedule the control of your pool or spa right from your house. Systems that are on the market are designed for ease and simplicity.

Your pool pump, heater, salt system and even spa can be wired into the Automation System. You can even add a wireless remote or even use your smart phone. No more trips out to the pump to turn it on and off. Do it from inside your home. Want the spa hot and ready for you when you get home from work? Use your phone to turn up the temperature. The type of system you will need will depend on what type of pool or spa equipment you have. Your swimming pool dealer will be able to provide this answer.

Systems are designed to operate a pool, spa, or both. Push a button from inside your house to warm up your pool or spa so they re ready for you when you need that time to relax. Lights for pool or spa or both can also be added to these systems. Special valves with powered actuators can be added to turn on the water to your slide, waterfall, step jets, or any other water feature.

Some of these systems have built in diagnostics to let you know all systems are functioning correctly or what needs to be corrected. These systems also have built in programmable features. These systems are designed to free up your time and give you more time to relax and unwind. See your swimming pool dealer soon to learn more.