When Should You Change The Sand In Your Sand Filter

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Have you noticed the look of your pool water is not as clear as it used to be? Have you noticed no matter how much water clarifier you put into your pool, the water is still cloudy? Have you noticed the sanitizer level is not as stable as it used to be? Do you notice dirt or debris blowing back into your pool thru the return fitting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, when was the last time you either cleaned your sand filter or changed your sand? You should use filter cleaner each season and clean your sand. For example; if your sink becomes clogged at home, you usually use a drain cleaner to remove the problem. Same principle with a sand filter but you would use filter cleaner.

It is not a set rule when you should change your sand but a good guideline is usually every 3-5 years if you have been using a filter cleaner every season. If you do not use a filter cleaner you will need to change it more often. This time line can change based on what type chemicals you use, amount of activity in your pool, and how often you keep the filter running. Suntan lotion and waste from your body both play a part in decreasing the effectiveness of your sand filter.

When you do change your sand in the filter, it is a good time to also check the laterals that you will find in the bottom of your filter below the sand. If they are broken or cracked, be sure to replace them. Any that are broken could cause sand to blow back into your pool. You should cover these laterals with water first before adding any sand. The heavy sand could cause some damage to them.

Upgrade Your Existing Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

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Many people believe that once your pool is installed there is no way to make any upgrades or improvements. That is no longer the case. Below are just a few examples of what is possible with modern design and manufacturing techniques.

Depending on the age of your pool, some of the older pools that were installed did not have a walk in step. They usually only had a ladder. Now that you are getting a little older, that ladder may not be easy to climb in or out.

There are stairs that fit into the corner of your pool or across the entire shallow end and the new liner will cover this step. No more ladder. A hand rail could also be installed for more stability in entering or exiting your pool. You may even have room to add a lounging area as well. You would not have to destroy any of your pool deck to install this step or rail.

Maybe you have a pool with an 8’ deep end but that end of the pool is not used much anymore. With the new liner change, you now have the opportunity to fill that deep end into a more shallow area for playing games, like volleyball. Your local pool installer will be able to discuss these options with you. With the new liner change, now also is a good time to have new skimmer and return face plates installed.

Does your pool have a light? If you do not use it or it no longer works, with the new liner install, that light could be eliminated. When it is time to install a new liner, many options are available to you to really change the look of your pool. Your friends and family will love the new look.

Want to find out more? Contact your local Medallion swimming pool dealer for more information and a quote.

What Is A Skimvac

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This item is used when you vacuum a swimming pool. In order to manually vacuum a pool, you need these items; telescopic pole, vacuum hose, and vacuum brush. The Skimvac is the extra item that will make this process easier and save your equipment. They can also be used with suction side automatic vacuums.

Most people that own a swimming pool, remove their skimmer basket when they vacuum their pool and insert the end of the vacuum hose into the port in the bottom of the skimmer. If you are cleaning your pool this way, you could potentially cause a plumbing problem or a pump problem. Any leaves or other debris in your pool that you pick up with the vacuum brush are now going directly into your plumbing lines and possibly into the impeller of your pump. This could clog your plumbing lines and cause your impeller not to rotate and the pump would not work.

When you use the Skimvac, you will leave the basket in your skimmer and place this item directly over the basket. The vacuum hose goes into the opening on the Skimvac. The size skimvac you will need will depend on what skimmer you have. Your local Medallion swimming pool dealer should be able to help you find the skimvac you need. When you finish cleaning your pool, just empty the skimmer basket. No more worry about clogging your plumbing lines or having to remove trash from your pump.

Easy Vacuuming On Battery Power

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Do you get out your telescopic pole, vacuum brush, vacuum hose,and skim vac to clean your pool weekly? Then you have to attach these items and prime the hose before you start to clean your pool. Then when you finish cleaning the pool, you have to turn the pump off, and now backwash your filter then put these items away.

This problem makes you tired just thinking about it. Now, put all those worries behind you. Options are now available that will make it a lot easier for you. Maybe you just have a small area in your pool you want to clean but hate the thought of having to get out all the equipment you would need to vacuum this one area.

Take a look at the battery powered cleaners. All you need is your telescopic pole and a little effort on your part. No hose to prime. No water loss from the pool since you will not have to backwash the filter. The cleaners will attach to the telescopic pole and then you start to vacuum. What you vacuum will go into the mesh net inside the unit. When you finish, just remove the mesh net and clean out the debris.

Just think, no more leaning over the pool to have to prime the hose and then having to install the hose into the skimmer. How many times have you lost your prime from the pump while trying to do this?

Vermiculite Vs. Pre-formed Styrofoam Coves

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A cove is a required for almost all standard liners when installing and above ground vinyl liner swimming pool. You can either form the cove out of the base material (which is usually vermiculite) or you can purchase pre-formed coves made of Styrofoam. Certain types of sand are used in some cases as the base for the pool liner. Check your liner manufacturer’s recommendations first.

Pre-formed coves are easier to use. As the name implies, they are already the correct shape, you just need to install them. The disadvantage here is that they are one shape and size and only that one shape and size. If you are installing a properly sized liner under ideal conditions this does not present any problems. The next question is, now often have you ever really done anything in ideal conditions.

With vermiculite, you can change the size and proportions of the cove as needed to fit your conditions. Are you installing the liner on a cool day or without a lot of sunlight on the pool? In many cases you can compensate by building up your cove since the liner will not stretch as much. If a section of the pool has a different shape and the cove needs to be adjusted for that you can do it with vermiculite. Pre-formed coves cannot. Also, in most cases using the pool base material to make your own cove is more cost effective.

While pre-formed coves have their place, in most cases vermiculite is more cost effective and a better fit.