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Information for those who own a pool, spa, or swim spa and those who would like to.

Solar Rings

by Medallion Pools


Solar Rings are the new wave of solar heating. They are large, approximately 5’ in diameter, very colorful and attractive and light weight. No more need for the bulky solar tubes to roll up your cover. And the solar rolls are not very attractive around your pool.


These Solar Rings hook together depending on what size pool you have. You can use as many and needed to cover the surface of your pool. When you are ready to swim just take them out and stack them on the side of your pool area.


My Husband Does Not Want A Pool

by Medallion Pools

medallion inground

If this is the way your husband thinks, he is perfectly normal. Very few husbands initially want to even look into the possibility of installing an inground pool. This is a misconception that many husbands have of thinking a pool is a lot of work and they do not have time to do the required maintenance.

Pools are not like they use to be ten years ago. The inground pool is very easy to maintain and requires very little time each week to keep clean. Your pool will require chemicals and which chemicals you use will determine your weekly cleaning time. Look into installing a Chlorine Generator (salt system).

polaris 9300

With a salt system, the pump will not have to run 24 hrs. a day seven days a week. Your pool water will be a lot cleaner requiring a lot less of your time having to vacuum. Your chemical cost will be a lot less. You will have more time to enjoy the pool and not worry about cleaning. If you did not want to manually vacuum the pool, look into the many options for automatic pool cleaners.

The pool now can become the focal point of a family vacation in your backyard everyday. There is nothing like coming home from a hard day at the office and unwinding in your pool. Your husband will love this after he tries it one time. Listen to the water, maybe turning on some music, cooking on the grill, no traffic. Just ask your husband to visit your local pool dealer to look into the many options available today.

Please note: results of various water treatment systems and filter times will vary. Consult your local pool professional for complete details.

Proper Technique for Collecting a Water Sample

by Medallion Pools

Here are a few tips for collecting a water sample to take in for testing at your local pool store. Water samples should be in a bottle or a jar with a cap. When going to collect the sample, you should hold the container upside down as you place it in the water. Take the container at least 12” below the water surface, then turn the container over, holding it there until it is completely filled. Try to take your sample in as soon as possible after taking it. Don’t leave your sample out in the heat for a long period of time because it would tamper with your results.

Tips On Removing A Pool Cover

by Medallion Pools

This article contains a few generic tips for removing a pool cover.  Please see your pool cover owner's manual for complete information.

It is almost that time of the year to get the pool up and running for the season! The very first thing you need to do is to remove your pool cover. Plan this on a day where someone can lend you a helping hand to make the task a lot easier.

First, check to make sure all water is removed from the top of the cover. The best way to remove unwanted water from your cover is with the use of a cover pump. Always be sure to have water running into your pool as you are taking water off of the cover.

After all the water is removed from the top of the cover, have one person standing on each side of the pool and slowly start pulling the cover off of the pool and lay it out on the ground near the pool. Clean the cover thoroughly.

After the cover is clean, have one person on each side of the cover and slowly start to fold the cover accordion style every 3-5 feet or so. This type of fold will make putting the cover back on in the fall much easier. Once the cover is completely folded, store the cover in a cool dry area for the summer.

Pool Maintenance


by Medallion Pools

medallion inground pool with walk in step

I wanted to discuss some possible options you might want to consider with your purchase of your inground vinyl liner pool. Most pools will include a walk in step for the shallow end. There is nothing in the deep end to sit in or walk out in. Here are two possible options;

1. 6’ In Pool Seat- this takes the place of a 6’ pool panel, has two individual seats with the option of adding a jet in each seat to get a massage on your lower back. The seats are reclined back and comfortable to sit in. From the edge of the pool, this seat extends back about 4’.

2. 8’ Swimout- this takes the place of a 8’ pool panel. This is designed to sit in, stand in. Room for two people to sit in. The big advantage it also has steps that you can walk out from the deep end of your pool. It also has room to install a massage jet. Extends back from the edge of the pool about 4’.

With Vinyl Liner technology now you can also add a bench that will extend the width of your pool to sit on. The entry way of your pool normally has a white walk in step, that step can be replaced with a liner step that can extend the width of your pool.

The liner step entry way can also have a sun tanner or lounging area at the top (very shallow water here). This can also extend the width of your pool. That white entry step can also be replaced with a liner step that can fit in the corner of your pool. Please visit your local pool dealer to learn about these options.

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