Adding A Slide To Your Inground Swimming Pool

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The slides that will be discussed in this article are designed to only be installed on inground swimming pools. If you have a concrete patio or wood deck adding a slide is no problem with the use of the proper anchors. These anchors can be installed in your existing patio to hold the slide.

You have various slide options but here are a few to consider. They all will require a water source which in most cases can easily be acquired by tapping into your pools return line.

City 2 Slide- Will have to be installed in the pool area that has at least 4’ of water. This slide is 6’ tall with acrylic construction. The weight limit is 225 Lbs.

G-Force- Will have to be installed in the pool area that has at least 4’6” of water. This slide is 6’ tall with 360 degree design. The weight limit is 250 lbs.

Wild Ride Slide- Will have to be installed in the pool area that has at least 4’ of water. This slide is 6.5” tall with stainless steel deck flanges. The weight limit is 250 lbs.

X-Stream 2 Slide- Will have to be installed in the pool area with at least 4’ of water. This slide is 6’ tall with fully molded treads. The weight limit is 250 lbs.

Zoomerang Slide- Will have to be installed in the pool area with at least 3’6” of water. The slide is 37” tall and has stainless steel rails & legs. The weight limit is 225 lbs.

Your local Medallion pool dealer can discuss each one with you and can also install the slide or you can install your own slide. If you do the install, please refer to the installation manual and install according to those instructions.

What Is An Ionizer

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An ionizer is another type of system that can be used to kill bacteria or algae in a pool. Ionizer’s are a unit that uses electricity to product metal ions. You cannot use ionization by itself for a sanitizer. Ionizers can reduce chlorine consumption and you will see a big difference in irritations and less odors, red eyes, itchy skin. It releases a precise quantity of ions into your pool water to kill algae and bacteria. They cannot oxidize organic matter enough, so additional chlorine treatment is necessary.

Ionizers put metals into your water. If you don’t have a test kit for this you need to get one because if you do not stay on top of it, it can cause a lot of problems with your equipment.

Although there are benefits to using an ionization system such as it helps to kill bacteria and viruses, more of a stable unit and the heat or cold does not affect the system. You also will not experience burning of the eyes or dry skin. But it is quite out dated when it comes to your pool or spas sanitizer. Probably, the number one method of sanitizing your pool or spa now is the chlorine generator or, as it is also known as, the salt system.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Auto Cleaner

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With Christmas not far away, for the husband or wife in your family that takes care of cleaning your above ground swimming pool, now is a good time to look at getting them an Automatic Pool Cleaner. Let’s talk about some different units.

1. Smart Kleen Model- Designed to clean the floor on smaller inground pools and above ground pools, has a 40’ power cord, extra large filter bag to hold debris. Two hour automatic shut off.

2. Lil Shark Model- Cleans a 10” path. Has only one moving part also has five adjustments for the cleaning area.

3. Wahoo- This is a suction side cleaner. It has hoses that you fill with water and attach to the skimmer. What you vacuum goes into the filter then you backwash if you have a sand filter. Cleaners # 1 and # 2 do not have a hose and the debris you vacuum goes into a bag that you would empty. The Wahoo comes with 30’ of hose. No tools required.

You also can get battery operated cleaners that you would physically vacuum the pool but you have no hose to connect or have to backwash the filter. Those units are:

1. Pool Blaster- rechargeable battery.

2. Catfish- 45 minute runtime. Reusable filter bag- 8” vacuum head

3. Aquabroom- requires 5 D cell batteries. 3 hour run time. Connects to your telescopic pole just like the other two.

These are just some of the many available options. Drop in and find out more.

Swimming Pool Dealers

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Now that you have made that decision to purchase an Inground Swimming Pool, who do you call and what do you ask? If some of your friends have a pool, you might ask them who they got their pool from. You could look on line for Swimming Pool Dealers in your area and give them a call.

Next, visit their showroom. It is much easier to visualize how something will look in your yard when you have seen and stood next to the full size version. Many of your questions can be much more easily answered by your salesperson if they can simply walk you over to the product and show you, as opposed to using pictures and brochures.

You have made that appointment to see your first Dealer, were they on time? Did they call you if they were going to be late? Did they make the appointment with you on a day and time that was convenient with you? Did they make a good first impression? Did they talk bad about other pool dealers? How long have they been in business?

Along with the price you receive from a pool dealer, these questions should also play a part in your decision on which pool company you want to do business with. The person coming into your home should be prepared and able to answer your questions. If not, he/she should be able to get you the answers in a timely manner. They should spend your time talking about their own company and products, giving you reasons why you should choose them. They should not spend your time telling you how awful their competitors are and why you should not hire them.

A photo album showing pictures of their pool installations during construction stages and completion stages should be a part of their meeting with you. The ability to look at your yard and make recommendations on pool size, location, elevation and any potential construction issues should be areas they should discuss with you.

Causes Of pH Changes In Your Swimming Pool Or Spa

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Many factors influence the pH of pool and spa water therefore many different causes of pH change exist. The ideal range for pH is 7.2 – 7.6. Some possible causes for change are;

1. Rain water

2. Use of chlorine tablets (trichlor)

3. Bromine tablets will lower pH

4. Gas chlorine dramatically lowers pH

5. Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid bleach) - raises pH

6. Calcium Hypochlorite (granular chlorine) - raises pH

7. Algae growth - absorbs Carbon Dioxide and usually raises pH

8. Swimmers and swimmers waste will lower pH


Maintaining the proper pH range helps protect your swimming pool equipment, allows the chemical products to work more efficiently and makes the pool water more comfortable for swimming. Here are some of the possible problems caused when pH is not kept in balance;

1. Clouds pool water

2. Your pool sanitizer will not be as effective

3. Could cause scale to form

4. Possible skin and eye irritation

5. Will corrode equipment and metal items.

It is important to test your pool water on a regular basis either by your home test kit or taking a sample of yourur local pool store. Make sure you have the proper test kit to test for pH.