How to Extend Your Swimming Season

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Are you anxious to open your pool early this spring? Do you find it harder each year to put the cover over your inground swimming pool? Are the kids begging you not to do it yet? If so, you can extend your swimming time by adding an electric pool heater.

Pool heaters can easily be installed by your pool company. The type of heater you will need depends on a few factors including the pool volume, in gallons, as well as whether you’re interested in gas or electric. Gas heaters can either be propane or natural gas. Electric heaters have the ability to also cool water.

Your local Medallion dealer can discuss these heater options with you. When you add the heater, it is a good idea to also invest in a solar cover to keep water warm. Pool water can cool off quickly at night, and a cover will slow down that process. Solar covers are lightweight and inexpensive.

Gas Pool Heaters vs. Electric Pool Heaters

If you have a pool that holds 20,000 gallons of water, you might look at a 300,000 BTU gas heater (British Thermal Unit) heater. If you want to heat that same size pool quicker, look at a 400,000 BTU gas heater. The heater will cost a little more with your initial purchase, but you will save in gas usage because it heats faster.

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Depending on the model of gas pool heater you choose, you’ll need the fuel source. Hooking up a propane tank is a very easy way to get the gas connection. If you go with a natural gas heater, you will want to get a plumber to establish the gas connection to your home gas meter.

An electric heat pump is more energy efficient, but the initial cost is greater than a gas heater. If your pool gets too hot in the height of the summer, check out a heat pump that both heats and cools. These units keep you refreshed on hot summer days, but warm you up in cooler temperatures.

Get the most out of swimming season this year
With a heater in your pool, there’s no reason to close it early! In fact, it enables you to swim earlier each year and extend your swimming season even longer. Contact Medallion Pools, or your local Medallion swimming pool dealer, to learn all about the different types of pool heater options.

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Spa

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Not all swim spas are created equal. There are many things to consider when purchasing a swim spa besides cost. Some of the factors include:

  • Where it will be installed
  • Initial costs and maintenance
  • Outdoor conditions
  • Options and features
  • Changing the look

1. Where can my swim spa be installed?

The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa can be installed in any location—inside or outside. From your home’s Florida room to the basement, garage or the back deck, the beauty of a swim spa is its ability to be installed without a crane or heavy lifting, making labor a non-issue. The basic bolt-together design and simple plumbing connections makes this the easiest swim spa to install on the market today. In most cases, our swim spa can be installed in as little as one day!

Learn about DIY swim spa installation now!

Depending on the location and your specifications for size and depth, the Ultra II Swim Spa can be installed above ground, partially inground or completely inground. Doorways or stairways? No problem. The compact design of our swim spa makes it easy to get to your desired location.

2. How affordable is a swim spa to own and operate?

Although the features and functions may be similar, owning and operating a swim spa is definitely much easier than an inground swimming pool. Medallion Pools offers some of the most affordable swim spas. As the manufacturer of the Ultra II, when you work with us, or one of our dealers, you get incredibly competitive pricing.

Prices for swim spas vary. When comparing the cost to other swim spas on the market, choosing Medallion’s Ultra II saves you at least 30-40%. In some cases, the savings are up to 65%. This enables you to put your money to better use, whether that’s beautifying the area around the swim spa, or putting it towards something else.

3. How does a swim spa hold up against climate and outdoor conditions?

The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa is incredibly durable. Due to the sturdy nature of this model, it can withstand any weather or extreme conditions. They’ve been installed in a variety of climates ranging from locations in Canada to South America.

Outdoor swim spa maintenance is a breeze. With the Medallion Ultra II model there is no worry of cracking, chipping, or acrylic delaminating. We simply recommend keeping the water balanced, sanitized and filtered as well as investing in a solid, sturdy cover for when the swim spa is not in use.

Swim Spa FAQ—Find answers to all your swim spa questions!

4. What swim spa options and features are available?

The Medallion Ultra II swim spa comes standard equipped with a digital control for heat & filtration and 3-step stainless steel ladder, but beyond that these are totally custom swim spas. From the depth of the water to the installation location, above ground, inground or partially inground—the choice is yours!

Additional options for swim spas include:

  • LED lighting
  • Return jets
  • In-pool corner stairs
  • Built-in benches
  • Insulated cover
  • Gas heat

5. Will I be able to change the look of my swim spa?

Just like the features and functionality, you can customize the look of your swim spa as well. Choose from a variety of beautiful tile and print vinyl liner patterns. Unlike other models, it’s extremely easy to change out the swim spa liner if you’re redecorating, or want a new look. Simply install a new liner at a reasonable price.

Other great options for changing the look of your swim spa include adding corner walk-in steps, benches running the length or width, new lighting, additional inlets, the list goes on!

Get Your Custom Swim Spa at Home Today

Imagine the possibilities of having your very own personal swim spa at home. Read our full Medallion Ultra II swim spa brochure for more information, and contact us or your local dealer with further questions!

Why Consider a Spa or Hot Tub this Winter?

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The wonderful therapy of warm water on your body thru the many jets offered in a spa is great for the mind and body. Have a hard day at work? Kids making it difficult to get a good night sleep? Joint or muscle soreness? No better way to unwind than in your own hot tub or portable spa.

Many sizes, depths and special features are available that truly make this a custom spa experience. Some units offer waterfalls, LED lights, radio, TV—you name it, the options are unlimited. Portable spas and hot tubs come with the convenience of loungers or individual seating. The spa pack containing a heat element offers warm water, and the jet action of the water can be controlled by a very accessible control panel.

Learn about the Medallion Fun Tub II now!

If you have a hard time accessing the location where you hope to install your new hot tub or spa, consider a unit that is assembled at your home. You don’t lose out on space with these models, many are large enough for up to 10 people!

Various chemical options are available to make owning your own spa almost maintenance free. You can even use a salt system in a portable spa or hot tub. Talk to your local spa company to learn about these options.

Perks of getting a hot tub in the winter

Although a hot tub or portable spa is a great addition to a swimming pool, you don’t need to make that big investment to enjoy the luxury and comfort of your own spa. Here are a few more reasons why winter is a great time of year for a hot tub…

  • Slower retail season, special offers and discounts available
  • Stress relief during the busiest time of year for most families
  • Warm water offers relief from dry winter air thus improving skin
  • Relieves joint and muscle aches commonly associated with cold weather

There is no need to wait until weather turns warm again to get that personal spa or hot tub experience in the privacy of your home. Contact Medallion Pools to learn all about the hot tub and spa options available to you. Let us help you start your search today!


Advantages of Installing an Inground Swimming Pool in the Fall or Winter

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The installation time of a vinyl liner pool takes about 4-5 days depending on weather and other local conditions. This time does not include pouring the patio around the pool, or landscaping. Note that the excavation of the pool is larger than the actual pool size, so after the pool is installed, dirt must be backfilled against the pool panels.

In some cases, this over excavation is about three feet larger than the pool. This area is loose fill dirt and will settle. The longer you can wait to give this area time to settle, the longer your pool patio area will last without cracking. If the pool is installed in the October to December time frame, you can give that area the rest of the winter to settle and come back in early March to have the patio poured.

View Medallion’s full inground swimming pool brochure

After the patio is poured, you’re able to do landscaping around the swimming pool. The summer customer is mainly the most frustrated because they would like everything done at one time. You could pour the patio right away if you had your pool installer backfill the pool with gravel, stone dust, or some other type of material that will not settle.

When installing a pool in the fall or winter, there is no need to incur the extra cost of backfilling with materials other than the excavated dirt. There is ample time not only for the area around your pool to settle, but also for you to plan your patio and landscaping.

Need more reason to install a pool in the fall or winter?

The stages of pool installation just make sense in the fall and winter months, but there are many other reasons why it’s a great time of year to invest in the swimming pool of your dreams.

  • More competitive pricing at the end of the year

  • Completely finished and ready to enjoy by spring

  • Split up pool installation and patio/landscaping investments

  • Claim it as a home improvement on your taxes

Contact Medallion Pools, or visit your local pool dealer to learn about why now is the best time to install an inground swimming pool!

See how Commonwealth Curb Appeal turned a Midlothian backyard into a beautiful swimming area with a Medallion pool

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Once you’ve decided you’re ready to take the plunge and put in an inground swimming pool, there are many important design decisions you’ll need to make. The fun is choosing liners, accessories and special features, but there’s also creativity in planning the landscape for the pool to include hardscape and flow from inside to poolside—where your ultimate retreat awaits.   

One Medallion Pools customer came to us to fulfill a dream of putting in an inground swimming pool at his beautiful home in Hallsey. Challenged by some space constraints, but not wanting to cut corners in a swimming pool that honors the home’s beautiful exterior, we worked together to design a pool that checks all the boxes.

Medallion Pools


Complement Your Land—Choosing a Swimming Pool Shape
Swimming pool size and shape is only limited by that of your lot. If space is restrictive, you may find sticking with a standard shape is best. Homeowners with endless room for shapes and designs can get unconventional should they choose. We’ll achieve your preferred swimming pool shape and size.

To maximize on the square footage of their swimming pool, this homeowner chose a traditional rectangular shape pool with 6” radius corners. Even though installation was difficult due to the tight space between the pool and garage, the size and shape of this pool is meant to be!

Shimmering Jewels—Selecting a Swimming Pool Liner
There’s no doubt that your swimming pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. The swimming pool liner you select is a major design decision that adds to the visual appeal of your pool.  Choosing a liner is a balance between picking a beautiful accent for your pool and tastefully harmonizing the home’s exterior.

This homeowner went with a tile patterned pool liner in various hues of vibrant blue. The full print liner without border really enhances the crispness and clarity of the glistening water, not to mention flatters the complexion of the entire outdoor living space.

Medallion Pools

Custom Conveniences—Liner Benches & Stairs
Liner benches and seats are a feature many customers choose for their swimming pool. Medallion Pools’ custom liner benches can be built like stairs, or run across an entire section of the pool acting like a shelf. Whether you want a small cove seat or long bench for sunbathing, the options are endless when it comes to truly customizing your new swimming pool.

In this pool there is a 3-foot bench that spans the shallow end. Not only does this feature take place of a traditional pool ladder, it provides the perfect spot for lounging or sunbathing. Multifunctional, tasteful and completely custom!

Fancy Features—Making Your Pool Unique
From the soothing sound of waterfalls to the ambiance of lighting, there are so many special features and finishing touches to accompany your new swimming pool. This homeowner chose to accent the deep end with a waterfall which serves as the ultimate focal point. Let’s not forget lights! Carefully positioned color changing LED lighting illuminates the water just right from day to night.

Medallion Pools


Swimming Pool Design & Installation
Medallion sells swimming pools worldwide through distribution as well as dealer direct and consumer direct (depending on the area).  This customer elected to have their Medallion inground swimming pool installation in Midlothian, VA professionally designed and performed by the experienced hardscaping, design and construction contractor Commonwealth Curb Appeal.

Once our client made all their selections for the pool of their dreams, Commonwealth Curb Appeal brought their ideas and choices to life! Charged with designing the decking, installing the pool, patio pavers and putting in an outdoor kitchen, Commonwealth Curb Appeal did an amazing job and the finished product is nothing short of breathtaking.

The homeowner was more than pleased with their beautiful new Medallion swimming pool, and the complete transformation Commonwealth Curb Appeal carried out…

''Commonwealth Curb Appeal does the job right, from the first phone call to completion of the job. They understood our vision and delivered! CCA was respectful and I would be hard pressed to tell you that I have encountered and more professional construction group. Josh and Chris were tremendous assets throughout the process, getting their hands dirty and delivering the finished product.''

To start designing your new swimming pool, contact Medallion Pools today or visit our manufacturing & distribution center to see swimming pool equipment and products!