Now that you have made the decision to get a automatic pool cleaner, what unit do you purchase? This will depend on what type of pool you have. Cleaners are designed for above ground pools, inground pools with flat bottoms and hopper (part of pool is deeper). Make sure you purchase the correct unit for your pool.

The suction cleaner has sections of hose you attach together, fill it with water and then install into your skimmer. This type of unit will move around your pool cleaning the floor and (in many cases) the walls. After your pool has been cleaned, you will turn the pump off and backwash the filter to get the dirt and debris you vacuumed out of the filter. This will cause some loss of water in your pool.

The robotic cleaner will not have any hose to attach or the need to fill the hose with water. This unit you will place in your pool and what it picks up will go into the unit itself, usually stored in a mesh bag. When you are finished cleaning your pool, you will remove this unit and empty the container inside the unit of what you have cleaned. This unit will have neither water loss nor the need to backwash your filter.

Both types of units will do a very good job. Discuss the various units with your local pool dealer to learn about your options and what unit will be the best for you to use for your pool. Make sure your pool dealer knows if you have an above ground pool, an inground pool, a flat bottom, or deep end.