Now that you have made the decision to install an inground vinyl liner swimming pool, you have many decisions to make!

Deep end options
You may want to install a Swimout or In Pool Seat. One item would take the place of an 8’ panel and the other a 6’ panel. The Swimout is 8’ in length and you have room to sit in, lean back in and steps to exit the pool. The In Pool Seat is 6’ and designed for two people to sit in. Both of these items extend beyond the pool edge.
All of the above options are also available in a version that is covered by the pool liner. This gives you a more built in look.

Shallow end options
Maybe you don’t care for the normal white entryway step. This can be replaced by liner steps that can fit into the corner, extend the width of the pool, or in the center of the shallow end. The top liner step can also be manufactured larger to make a sun lounger area.

Pool shape & size
Pool shape and size is only limited by your imagination. Most liner manufactures now have equipment in place to do just about any size or shape you want. The many different shapes are referred to by manufacturers differently, but may include Rectangle, Grecian, Lazy L, True L, Freedom Lake, Chesdin, 4’ Radius Corners, 2’ Reverse Radius Corners, etc. You no longer have to settle for the box shape pool.

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Pool lighting
Some manufacturers offer a Dry Niche Light. This light will have a lid like a skimmer and you get to the light bulb by lifting the lid from your pool deck. This type of light will use a regular flood light bulb. A LED version is also available with over 10 color combinations. The LED light offers a remote similar to how you’d use gas logs.

Discuss these design options and more with your local Medallion Pool Dealer or contact us.