Pool heaters on the market today are fast, efficient, compact, quiet, safe and eco-friendly. Gone are the days where you have to wait until temperatures are in the 80’s to enjoy your swimming pool. Most of the new gas heaters have no pilot light, simply push button digital controls with a user-friendly indicator light. This makes operation and monitoring so simple.

Gas heaters are available for propane or natural gas. If you live in an area with natural gas, you may have a gas meter already attached to the house. You should get a licensed plumber to check this meter to make sure it can handle the additional BTU’s of the gas heater. BTU options vary from 200,000 up to 400,000.

Gas heater size

The size BTU heater you will need can be determined by a local pool company, but it will depend on how many gallons of water you have in the pool and if you are looking to keep the pool heated all the time, or only on demand. If you are going to install a propane heater, your pool dealer can install the heater, but you will need a propane company to make the connection from the tank to the heater. If you do not have a propane tank, the gas company can have one installed.

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Gas heater installation

Placement of your new heater is very important. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for proper placement. If the heater is going under a deck, you must have proper clearance from heater to deck. If the heater will be installed indoors, the gas fumes must be vented outside. The heater can’t be installed next to your heat pump. The proper placement information will be found in the heater manual.

Installing a gas heater on your swimming pool

A gas heater is a great way to extend your swimming season. Depending on where you live, the proper size heater can give you 60 more days plus of swimming time. Now is a good time to contact Medallion, or visit your local pool dealer to learn more about the different heater options. While you are there, be sure to ask about a solar cover to help your heater be more efficient.