Within the past years, the spa and pool family has had a new addition in the form of a swim spa.

Swim spas are miniature pools that allow you to swim in place either against a swim current or tether. These creative devices have become highly popular due to their size, versatility and health benefits.

Investing in a Swim Spa

Buying a swim spa is investing in yourself, your family, and your backyard. A swim spa offers a combination of entertainment, relaxation and exercise. Swim spas are the best of both worlds, giving you the comfort of a hot tub with the mobility and convenience you find in a swimming pool.

4 Reasons to Buy a Swim Spa

1. Healthy Living

Working out in a swim spa means getting all the benefits of health fitness in the convenience of your backyard. Swimming, or aquatic exercising, is a great cardio workout allowing every muscle to work in unison with less impact on joints. Swim spas help you maintain a productive and healthy training regimen at your own pace and convenience.

The benefits of exercising in a swim spa include:

- Increased mobility
-Reduced stiffness
- Eases muscle pain
- Prevents joint soreness
- Low impact form of exercise

2. Size

Although the idea of having a swimming pool in your backyard might be exciting, it will take up a great deal of space. Swim spas are significantly smaller and lighter than a cement pool.

Install it above ground or in-ground. Tuck it in the corner of a room, build into your deck, or create a sunroom oasis. Installation is extremely easy, and the location possibilities are endless. Buying a swim spa can save a big percentage of the costs of constructing and operating a pool.

3. Unlimited Function and Family Fun

With a swim spa, the integrated water current allows you to effectively swim, relax, rehab, and exercise as you would in a large pool. Regardless of where you live, you can use your miniature pool all year long, or just extend your swimming season into the spring and fall.

If you have children, you should consider buying a swim spa. Enjoy memorable bonding and fun times with your family, and know they are safe. While managing a larger pool might be time-consuming, a swim spa offers more flexibility because it requires less maintenance.

4. Portability

Above-ground swim spas are mobile and portable, which gives you the convenience of taking them with you when you move. Simply disassemble a few pieces and pack it away. This mobility also enables you to take it with you to a different area of your home where you like to spend most of your time.

Convenience & Versatility of Swim Spas

These four reasons only begin to scratch the surface of why buying a swim spa may be a great decision for your family. Start planning how you can purchase one with less hassle and less cost with Medallion Pools.

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