Owning a swimming pool doesn’t have to set you back financially or break the bank. With so many options available, you can find exactly what you want, in your price range.

When it comes time to pay for this investment, you have several choices for financing a swimming pool.

Charging a Swimming Pool
Credit cards are a great choice especially if you use cards with low interest and/or obtain rewards for using it. If you go this route, but haven’t used the card in quite some time, call the credit card company. Let them know about the purchase and how much you plan to charge. You never know, you may be eligible for a new, lower interest rate, too.

For your protection, most credit card companies will not let you make a major purchase without authorizing it first. If you don’t contact the credit card company and go ahead with the purchase, they may think it’s a fraudulent charge. The transaction may also put you over a daily charge limit. It’s always best to check in with your credit card company.

HELOC to Buy a Swimming Pool
Home equity lines of credit are another way to finance a swimming pool. Currently, rates are very low and competitive making it an excellent time to apply for a HELOC. The interest may also be tax deductible since it is considered mortgage interest. You can get more information from your tax preparer.

Consolidation Loan to Pay for Swimming Pool
If you have a lot of monthly payments on various accounts, a consolidation loan may be something worth checking out. Combine everything into one payment, and lower your monthly payment. Depending on the current interest rate you on your home loan, you may be able to refinance at a lower rate, add a swimming pool payment, and still have a lower payment than before.

Other Swimming Pool Financing Options
There are also several online companies that will finance swimming pool purchases without collateral. The interest rates will vary depending on your credit rating.

For more information on swimming pool financing and pricing, contact us or see your local pool dealer.