What Is Total Alkalinity And How Does It Affect A Pool Or Spa

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Total Alkalinity is the measure of all of the alkaline substances that can be found in your pool or spa. Your main focus when dealing with Total Alkalinity is to measure your calcium carbonate, keeping your calcium carbonate in a safe range will help with the up keep of your pool and much more. Your […]

Why Does My Swimming Pool Get Cloudy

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Many factors go into answering this question. Some possible reasons are;1. Dirty filter or baskets (skimmer & strainer)2. not running the filter & pump long enough each day3. Chemical problemLets discuss each.If you have a sand filter, the sand may need to be replaced or just try getting the proper pool chemical and clean the […]

Aqua Decals

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Has your vinyl liner pool been installed for a while and you are not looking to change your liner yet but would like to bring a little more life to your liner? Then now is the time you should consider adding an Aqua Decal.These decals will stick directly onto your vinyl liner without having to […]