Swimming Pool Coping

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We will discuss three types of coping (or bead receiver) options for the customer that will be purchasing a Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool:

1. Receptor Coping
2. Side Mount Coping
3. Top Mount Coping

Receptor Coping mounts on top of your pool wall and is used when concrete will be poured around the pool. This type of coping is the receiver that the concrete will be poured into and you will see a white edge around your pool. The liner will snap in place on the water side and can easily be changed with this type of coping without breaking any pool deck.

Side Mount coping is used when a row of wood, brick or stone is used to mount directly on the top of the pool wall. This type of coping will show no white edge around the pool. The liner can easily be changed with out removing any wood, brick, or stone.

Top Mount Coping is used when you want to put a Cantilever pool deck. This type of deck will give you a rounded look at the water edge and you will not see a white edge around your pool. Cantilever coping forms will also be used. These are made from Styrofoam and you pour your concrete into them. They are then removed giving you tat rounded edge look. The liner is easily changed with this type of coping.