Aqua Decals

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Has your vinyl liner pool been installed for a while and you are not looking to change your liner yet but would like to bring a little more life to your liner? Then now is the time you should consider adding an Aqua Decal.

These decals will stick directly onto your vinyl liner without having to drain any water from your pool. These decals could appear as, Dolphin, Fish, turtles, even a Martini Glass with a fake $100 bill attached under it. Many sizes options are available.

Need to repair a spot on your liner? use an Aqua Decal and liven up the look of your pool at the same time.

These decals are Scratch, Chemical, and UV resistant. What a great way to add a little more style to your pool with not a lot of effort or expense. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, do not worry. The cleaner will not remove the decal. Since the decal image is printed a little below its surface, brushing will not scratch it off.

Freezing temperatures or heat will not affect these decals. They are rated for temperatures from -40 degrees to + 100 degrees. Since the highest quality UV resistant pigments have been used, the color of the decal will last for many years. Come by Medallion Pools today and be prepared to install an Aqua Decal this season. Your family and friends will love this new look.