Above Ground or Inground

Pools, To Be Or Not To Be….Above Ground or Inground

By Brett Getter

above ground pool with wood deck
20 – Pool installed into hillside with partial wood deck

This past summer was hot. It was so hot that we spent $750 to join our local pool.
I would much rather have spent a fraction of that on keeping my own pool at
home because I think it would increase its overall resale value. So, I am using a
two prong approach to my decision regarding an above ground or inground pool.
First I want my kids and family to have a place to be together while having some
good clean fun. Secondly, I want to compare monthly costs and finally, I want to
increase the value of my home.

My family (and yours) is quite capable of having a ton of fun in an above ground
pool. They are easy to install, cost less than inground pools and can be
disassembled if you require it. I have seen some beautiful above ground pools
that I would love to own. Unfortunately when it comes to a home’s valuation,
above ground pools are not considered “permanent structures” therefore do not
add value. Depending on the overall appearance and placement of an unkempt
above ground pool, they can in fact detract from your home’s value monetarily
and also effects a buyers desire to own your home. This is where caring for your
pool is paramount.

This does not mean that one pool (above or inground) is “Better or Worse” than
another. Some pool companies such as Medallion Pools have both above ground
and inground pools that can be readily disassembled to facilitate a move to
another location. Think about that kind of versatility and how it can open up
possibilities for you and your backyard resort. With that said our Medallion St.
Croix Freedom series above ground pools are highly customizable and
aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Being “Above ground” is the only similarity to the
type of pools that some homeowners “want” to leave behind.

Our Freedom pools can be above ground, semi-inground and fully inground so
there is now an option for an above ground pool to actually increase the value of
your home by using the full inground option. If you have never seen an
above ground pool with walk-out steps then you are in for a real treat (Medallion
Above Ground Pools – Medallion Pools ).

There are a few companies that claim to have this same option, but they clearly
have not engineered for proper back-filling, provisions for concrete
patio/walkway, even the ability to drain the pool. Increasing the size of your
Freedom pool is possible as well by adding more panels and changing out the
liner. The cost of running our Freedom pools are equal to the same size inground
pool and frankly any plumbing issues can be much more easily handled on our
freedom pool than any inground.

When I began to write this article I was wondering between the two styles of
pool, but now that I have thought about the versatility of the Freedom pools here
at Medallion, it seems like a perfect answer to those of us who require a little bit
more affordable option to a full blown inground pool.

Please visit our website www.medallionpools.com or stop by our showroom to find out
what we have available to you and always know that there is a solution here for
all of your pool needs.