Buying An Above Ground Pool

Things to consider when buying an above ground pool

above ground pool with wood deck
12 – Pool installed above ground with wood deck

Today we are going to discuss the Medallion St. Croix Freedom Series Above ground Pool. Since not all above ground pools are created equally, we are going to discuss things to consider when buying an above ground pool.

Some of the factors include:

  • How can the pool be installed
  • Longevity
  • Changing the way the above ground pool looks
  • Cost

1. How can the above ground pool be installed?

The Medallion St. Croix can be installed above ground, inground, or half and half. The unique bolt-together design makes it one of the easiest above ground pools to assemble. It can be installed with ordinary household tools. There is no worrying about how to handle a one piece wall and trying to fit it into a track.

2. How does the Medallion St. Croix Freedom pool hold up against outdoor conditions?

The Medallion St. Croix Freedom pool is made out of the same thickness and high quality aluminum that our inground pools are made out of. Since the panels are not made out of steel they cannot rust.

3. What options are available for the St. Croix Freedom pool?

The St. Croix Freedom pool can be treated just like a regular inground pool – the choice is yours!

Additional options for the this pool include:

  • Above ground Lights
  • Inground Lights
  • 6’ Recessed Liner Covered Stairs
  • Internal Liner Covered Wedding Cake Stairs

4. Will I be able to change the look of my above ground pool?

You can customize the look of your above ground pool by simply changing your vinyl liner. You can choose from a variety of beautiful tile and print liners from two of the most well known liner companies.

5. Even with the versatility this pool offers, the cost is inexpensive compared to getting an inground pool.