Carvin Above Ground Pools

Contemporary in style, Carvin above ground pools promise all the pleasures – and relaxation – that your family deserves this summer!

Carvin Above Ground Pools


This pool uses a two-piece, a high impact resin ledge cover and a unique interlocking-stabilizer to give the top of the pool maximum strength – where it needs it the most. The proven strength and beauty of this pool make it the perfect choice for any family!  Available sizes include 15′ diameter round, 18′ diameter round, 24′ diameter round, and 27′ diameter round.

This above ground pool is made for use with multiple sanitizing systems including salt and chlorine. The resin frame provides UV resistance and gives extra protection against corrosion when using  a salt water system


Vinyl Liner Pattern

For those purchasing a Carvin above ground pool kit that includes a liner that is being provided through Medallion Pools, the current standard pattern is shown below. All liner images provided by the manufacturer. Medallion Pools reserves the right to change the standard pattern without notice. Liner patterns, colors, brightness, tint, etc. may vary from these representations.Allentown Tile - Dark Blue River Print


Medallion offers a variety of above ground pools.  From the Carvin shown on this page to our St. Croix Freedom48.  What are you looking for in an above ground pool?  Are you looking for an above ground pool you can install partially or completely inground?  Do you have a sloping yard and need a pool you can install into a hillside?  Check out the Medallion Freedom48 above ground pool.  If you are looking for more shapes and sizes or even something custom then why not take a look at our very affordable inground pools?  Check out everything Medallion has to offer.


Due to continuing supply chain disruptions standard liner patterns may vary. Some pool sizes may have a different color and/or style of wall than shown.