Medallion Inground Swimming Pools

Manufacturing pools since 1960, Medallion Pools has been manufacturing the finest inground swimming pools available in the world.

Since 1960, Medallion Pools has been manufacturing the finest inground swimming pools available in the world.  Medallion Pools is the only manufacturer that produces four different types of pool walls, giving you the choice of which wall is best for you.

We have high quality, great value product lines in both steel and aluminum. All of our inground pools are available with Aluminum, 20ga. Galvanized Steel, 14ga. Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel walls.  Whether you are looking for an outdoor pool or an indoor pool we have the product that is right for you.

Inground Swimming Pools from Medallion Pools

  • You decide the best wall for your ground conditions, not a salesman who only has one wall type to offer
  • Manufactured from the finest materials available
  • Virtually ANY SIZE and SHAPE available
  • Wide variety of swimming pool depth options
  • Twice the structural support of most inground pools available on the market today
  • Custom designed swimming pools is our specialty
  • Numerous stair and bench options available
  • There is a product available to fit most budgets
  • Looking for swimming pool automation?  That’s available too.
  • Numerous coping options for various types of decking around the swimming pool.

Everyone is shopping around these days and making all kinds of comparisons.  Are you looking for a fact based comparison between vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools?  Check out our article “Vinyl Pools vs. Fiberglass Pools – The Truth, Not The Sales Pitch”.  You will find it very informative on the actual facts about vinyl liner pools and how they differ from fiberglass pools.  Take a look at the facts about vinyl liner inground pools and inground pool options.

Is it a good idea to install a swimming pool?  Is it a good investment?  One of our contributors has written two short pieces about it.  Here is part one.  Here is part two.

We also have a series of short articles talking about each of the three main types of inground swimming pools.  What is a concrete swimming pool?  What is a fiberglass swimming pool?  and What is a vinyl liner swimming pool?

How about you do it yourself types out there.  Lots of consumers out there have purchased Medallion Pools pool kits from our dealers and performed part or all of the installation themselves.  If the idea of building your own pool kit appeals to you then take a look at our do it yourself page.

There are some decisions to be made during the buying process.  What pool shape and size do I want to consider?  The hardest for most people is usually which liner color to choose.  You will also need to decide where to put your filter system.  How about stair options?  You are not in this alone.  Your pool professional can help you every step of the way.

What are some of the things you need to consider when purchasing an inground swimming pool?  Here is a two part article on the subject: Part 1  –  Part 2  One of the other questions people have is what is the difference between salt systems and Fusion systems.  This article can help you with that.

Yes, vinyl liner pools have grown up.  Please take a moment to read this article and learn more.

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