Inground Pool Stairs and Seating

Medallion Pools is your source for vinyl liner inground pool stairs and seating.

From our corner stairs, to our custom recessed and wall to walls stairs, to our custom benches; no one compares to Medallion. Are you preparing to install a new inground swimming pool? For just a little more that the cost of a white, plastic stair you can add an amazing looking set of built in stairs that look like they were custom made for your pool … because they were.  That’s right; stairs don’t have to be white any more.

Are you putting an automatic cover on your pool? These stairs are perfect because they can be built right inside the pool so your cover can glide right over them.

Are you changing your liner in an older pool? Talk to us before you order the liner. You may be able to upgrade your pool by adding one of these fabulous products.

Medallion Liner Corner Stairs

Our Liner Corner Stairs are designed to fit the most popular corners in the pool industry.

inground pools stairs and benchesNow entering and exiting your pool can be easy for people of all ages…

  • Was your pool built without pool stairs?
  • Are you getting older and the climb up and down the pool ladder isn’t like it used to be?
  • Have you been told that installing a set of swimming pool stairs into your existing pool would require that your concrete deck be broken up and that the cost would be several thousand dollars?
  • Are you having a new pool built and your yard size will not allow you to install pool stairs that extend beyond the edge of the pool?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need a set of Medallion corner stairs. Look at just some of the benefits of a set of Medallion corner stairs:

Installed under the liner for a true custom built look!
Not a set of drop in steps that look like an afterthought!
Fully foam padded for your sitting comfort!
Three standard sizes that fit virtually 95% of all pools!
Custom sizes and shapes available!
We can also either sell you your new liner or provide you with the measurements you will need to place your order for one.

Custom Liner Stairs

Our custom liner stairs can be built as recessed stairs or across the entire shallow end of your pool.

custom inground pool liner stairs and seatingMedallion Pools’ custom liner stairs are second to none. Take a look at these features:

  • Easy to install
  • Great value
  • Give your vinyl liner pool a truly custom look without breaking the bank
  • Optional longer top tread to use as a lounge or suntanning area
  • Optional longer middle tread for more seating area
  • Can be designed to fit virtually any size or shape pool
  • Wedding cake style also available
  • Can be retro-fitted onto many existing pools during liner replacement

Before you finalize your pool purchase or your next liner replacement be sure to take a look at Medallion Pools’ line of custom liner stairs.

Custom Liner Benches

Our custom liner benches can be built as an extension out from your pool or across an entire end or side.

inground pool benchesMedallion Pools’ custom liner benches and seats are an easy and great looking addition to any inground swimming pool. They can be designed to fit virtually any inground swimming pool regardless of size or shape. They can be just the right height to sit and relax with a jet at your back. They can be made shallower for use as a lounging or sun tanning area. They can be used to create a shallow play area for younger children. All these options and more are possible.

Before you finalize your pool purchase or your next liner replacement be sure to take a look at Medallion Pools’ line of custom liner benches and seats.  You won’t be disappointed.