Swimming Pool Liner Stair Options

There are a lot more swimming pool liner stair options available today than there were in the past.

inground pool liner stair
11 – Custom Liner Stair With Sundeck

Are you considering installing a vinyl liner pool but just do not like the typical white walk in step that you see in most of these pools? Worry no more. With technology of today, that step can easily be replaced.

One possible option is a step that will fit into the corner of your pool and is covered by the vinyl liner. This step is normally covered with a foam material so it will not be so hard to sit on and then the liner will cover the step. If you do this, you might want to consider putting a material on the step that will not be so slick. That material would be textured, not smooth like the rest of the liner. The textured material is available in many patterns so as to match the rest of your pool. Ask your local Medallion swimming pool dealer to show you this material.

Another possible option is to install liner steps across the shallow end width of your pool. This step should be covered with foam and then the liner. The liner material should also be textured as mentioned above. The Tex Tread material can be a solid color or you can choose a pattern that matches the liner for the rest of your pool.

This shallow end step that goes the width of your pool, the top part could be a Sun Lounger. The water level may only be about 4″ deep and this area would be wider than the other steps. This is a great place just to sit in or recline. If you have small children, ideal for their first swimming pool experience. Your Medallion swimming pool dealer will be glad to discuss these options with you.