Pictures of Inground Swimming Pools

These are pictures of inground swimming pools from our customers.

They are just a few of the possibilities open to you with the Medallion Pools inground pool. More pictures of inground swimming pools are being added on a regular basis. Please come back to see what’s new. If you would like more information on a particular one, simply contact us and reference the number of the picture.

More information about Medallion Inground Pools
Standard Inground Pool Shapes

The pictures of Medallion Inground Swimming Pools on this page have been provided by homeowners, swimming pool dealers, and inground pool builders. They show just some of the many shapes and sizes of pools that are available. They also show just a few of the nearly unlimited options you have for completing your backyard experience. Whether it is with pavers, stamped and colored concrete, broom finish concrete, colored concrete, wood, or synthetic wood what you do to surround your pool and complete your backyard is only limited by your imagination and your budget.

If you see something you like the swimming pool pictures here are all numbered. You can easily reference them to your Medallion swimming pool dealer to help make your journey to your new backyard oasis as easy as possible.

Our swimming pool shapes page will give you a top down view of our most popular pool shapes. These are available in in several standard sizes but you can also get them in custom sizes as well. Our swimming pool independent dealers and contractors are more than happy to work with you to find the shape and size that will work best for your installation. If you need to consult with someone please fill out the form on the right of this page and a salesperson will be glad to offer you assistance.