Purchasing An Inground Swimming Pool – 2

This is part 2 of our article about purchasing an inground swimming pool.

rectangle inground pool with 4ft radius corners
019 – Rectangle 4ft Radius Corners

Previously in Part 1 of “Things To Consider When Purchasing An Inground Swimming Pool” we discussed how the pool was going to be used. Now that you have determined how the pool will be used, you need to determine a budget.

Please keep in mind that all pricing and installation times contained in this article are rough estimates only. Many factors go into determining the final price of any pool project and the length of time required for installation.

A vinyl liner swimming pool is the most popular and most affordable swimming pool. A vinyl liner inground pool kit can start for less than $15,000. This price will vary with size and shape, but general speaking this is the starting price. Vinyl liner pools can be manufactured to almost any shape and size you would like. Most customers like this feature and enjoy designing their own pool. Installation generally takes about 4-5 days depending on weather and scheduling inspections.

A fiberglass swimming pool will generally start around $40,000. Fiberglass pools are limited in shape and size because of the manufacturing process and transportation reasons. Most fiberglass pools are smaller than your average inground pool. Installation generally takes about 1-2 weeks.

Gunite/concrete pools are your most expensive inground pools. Prices for an average concrete pool generally start around $60,000. These pools can be made any shape or size because they are formed on the job site. Installation for these pools generally takes about 10- 15 weeks. There is a lot of labor involved in this construction as well as a lot of down time waiting for concrete to cure.

As you can see there are inground pools to fit every budget. Make sure you find the right one for you. Your pool professional can assist you in this choice and can offer assistance and answer questions you may have.