Things to Consider When Buying a Swim Spa

Not all swim spas are created equal. There are many things to consider when buying a swim spa besides cost.

Some of the factors include:

  • * Where it will be installed
  • * Initial costs and maintenance
  • * Outdoor conditions
  • * Options and features
  • * Changing the look
  1. Where can my swim spa be installed?

The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa can be installed in any location—inside or outside. From your home’s Florida room to the basement, garage or the back deck, the beauty of a swim spa is its ability to be installed without a crane or heavy lifting, making labor a non-issue. The basic bolt-together design and simple plumbing connections makes this the easiest swim spa to install on the market today. In most cases, our swim spa can be installed in as little as one day!

Learn about DIY swim spa installation now!

Depending on the location and your specifications for size and depth, the Ultra II Swim Spa can be installed above ground, partially inground or completely inground. Doorways or stairways? No problem. The compact design of our swim spa makes it easy to get to your desired location.

  1. How affordable is a swim spa to own and operate?

Although the features and functions may be similar, owning and operating a swim spa is definitely much easier than an inground swimming pool. Medallion Pools offers some of the most affordable swim spas. As the manufacturer of the Ultra II, when you work with us, or one of our dealers, you get incredibly competitive pricing.

Prices for swim spas vary. When comparing the cost to other swim spas on the market, choosing Medallion’s Ultra II saves you at least 30-40%. In some cases, the savings are up to 65%. This enables you to put your money to better use, whether that’s beautifying the area around the swim spa, or putting it towards something else.

  1. How does a swim spa hold up against climate and outdoor conditions?

The Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa is incredibly durable. Due to the sturdy nature of this model, it can withstand any weather or extreme conditions. They’ve been installed in a variety of climates ranging from locations in Canada to South America.

Outdoor swim spa maintenance is a breeze. With the Medallion Ultra II model there is no worry of cracking, chipping, or acrylic delaminating. We simply recommend keeping the water balanced, sanitized and filtered as well as investing in a solid, sturdy cover for when the swim spa is not in use.

  1. What swim spa options and features are available?

The Medallion Ultra II swim spa comes standard equipped with a digital control for heat & filtration and 3-step stainless steel ladder, but beyond that these are totally custom swim spas. From the depth of the water to the installation location, above ground, inground or partially inground—the choice is yours!

Additional options for swim spas include:

  • LED lighting
  • Return jets
  • In-pool corner stairs
  • Built-in benches
  • Insulated cover
  • Gas heat
  1. Will I be able to change the look of my swim spa?

Just like the features and functionality, you can customize the look of your swim spa as well. Choose from a variety of beautiful tile and print vinyl liner patterns. Unlike other models, it’s extremely easy to change out the swim spa liner if you’re redecorating, or want a new look. Simply install a new liner at a reasonable price.

Other great options for changing the look of your swim spa include adding corner walk-in steps, benches running the length or width, new lighting, additional inlets, the list goes on!

Get Your Custom Swim Spa at Home Today

Imagine the possibilities of having your very own personal swim spa at home. Read our full Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa Brochure for more information, and contact us or your local dealer with further questions!