Choosing The Right Swim Spa

swim spa installed in wood deck

Finding the right swim spa for you

Swim spas can serve several purposes; exercising, relaxing, a small pool, or a large spa.  You want to find the right swim spa for you and your intentions on using it.  There are several factors to consider when making this decision.  Price, how it will be used, where it’s going, and features are important to any potential swim spa buyer.

First of all know what your budget is.  There are swim spas out there that range from approximately $6,000 to over $50,000.  Don’t let the price scare you; there are swim spas under $15,000 that will do everything you need whether it is exercise or just relaxing with friends and family.

How is this swim spa going to be used?

swimming in medallion swim spa

Are you looking to exercise? Use it for training?  Use it to just soak in?  Or will it be used as a small pool or large spa?  Swim spas are very versatile and have several functions.  This is what makes swim spas so attractive to most homeowners.  If you are going to be using this swim spa for exercise or training you will more than likely want the swim current with it.  This is an optional item on most units.  Having the current allows you to swim in place, jog or walk in place, and allows for other resistance exercises.  Also, depending on your height, you will want to make sure you get the appropriate size swim spa so when you are swimming in place you have plenty of room.

If this is going to be a swim spa to just soak/relax and take advantage of the warm water for joints optional benches and steps may be something to consider.  Adding bench seating is a common option that always you the ability to sit and enjoy the water.  Benches typically come in many configurations.  Finding the configuration that fits you will depend on how many people you plan to have relaxing/using the swim spa.  Also, another option for using the swim spa just to soak is stairs.  Having stairs in the swim spa instead of a ladder will serve two purposes.  One, it will allow for easy access in and out of the swim spa.  Two, it will add additional area for you to sit and relax.

Using the swim spa as a small pool has become very popular.  This has started to catch on in areas where yard size is very small.  With a swim spa you are able to build a small oasis for yourself and family in the backyard and not take up much room.  Some swim spas can be inground, above ground, or partially inground.  Be sure to choose a swim spa that will work for what you want to do.  Since most swim spas are heated this will allow you to use the swim spa as a small pool all year long or just extend your swimming season in the spring and fall.  Also, if having a small pool is not what you are looking, for you can turn it into a large hot tub.  During the winter months turn the heater up and enjoy it outdoors. 

Where is the swim spa going?

swim spa with wood deck

This is a very important factor in your decision making process.  If you are going to get a fiberglass swim spa you will need to keep in mind that a crane will be needed to move it into place and it will have to be an outdoor swim spa.  The nice thing about a vinyl liner swim spa with a metal wall structure is most of them can be assembled in an existing home or building.  All of the components can typically fit through and standard doorway so the spa could even be assembled in a basement. 

As you can see there are several factors that you should think about before making your swim spa purchase.  Location, usage, price, and features are all things to think about.  Your Medallion Swim Spa sales representative can help you through the decision process so you can make the most informed choices.