Swim Spa Options

There are numerous swim spa options available from Medallion Pools.

Take a look at the many possibilities for you to consider when purchasing your Medallion Ultra II Swim Spa.

Stairs and Benches

swim spa options benchThere are several options for stairs and benches available for your Medallion Pools swim spa. Benches are available for either the ends (as shown in the picture above) or the sides. The liner is custom made to fit over these benches so they look like a part of the swim spa, not something dropped in later as an afterthought.

Our liner corner stairs are another such option. They bolt together easily and are just placed in the corner. The liner will be made to fit over them for an elegant, built-in look. The installation, type, and size of the unit will determine what combinations are available for your particular swim spa. Your salesperson will be able to help you with those details.


Medallion Pools offers several lighting choices for our swim spas.  One option is a Jandy nicheless LED pool light.  This is a low voltage light that installs in a standard swimming pool wall fitting for a low profile while giving off plenty of light for most swim spa owners.  If you purchased your swim spa with the spa pack Medallion Pools normally carries, you can power this light from the spa pack and control it with the digital controller.  LED lights have the advantage of using less electricity and have a longer life span than conventional light bulbs.  With many single and multi color light shows available as well as a bright white light it makes a great addition to your swim spa.

Lumi-O Industries offers two more options.  Both are dry niche lights so the light housing is isolated from the swim spa water.  One is a 120v light that uses a standard flood light bulb.  This allows you to change the color by just swapping out the bulb.  Replacement bulbs are available at nearly every big box store and many smaller stores.  The second is an LED version that is low voltage and, like the Jandy, can be attached to the spa pack.

Sanitizer and Maintenance Options

Most Medallion Pools swim spas come complete with a 50 square foot cartridge filter.  This filter is far larger than necessary to filter the water in your swim spa.  Sand filter systems are also available, but most swim spa owners rely on the standard cartridge filter.  For those who need to occasionally vacuum their swim spa, battery powered vacuums such as the Volt have proven very popular.

As for sanitizer systems, just about anything available for pools and spas will work on your Medallion Pools swim spa.  Nature2, chlorine, bromine, BaquaSpa/Baquacil, and salt systems are all options.


swim spa options heaterMost Medallion Pools swim spas are purchased with a spa pack that contains a 5.5kW electric resistance heater. This heater is the appropriate size for most users in normal installations where the swim spa has an insulated cover and insulation is installed around the unit as needed based on climate, location, and other factors. If you are looking for a heater that will bring your swim spa up to temperature faster, is more efficient, and will heat in more extreme climates then you should consider adding a gas heater. These are available in either natural gas or propane. You would simply purchase the unit that matches you gas source.

For efficiency you will find a heat pump is your best bet. They are more efficient than both gas and electric resistance. Heat pumps can heat faster than electric resistance but are slower than gas. Heat pumps are also available in units that both heat and cool if that is an issue in your area. The biggest disadvantage that heat pumps have versus gas and electric resistance is that a heat pump will stop work properly once the ambient air temperature drops below approximately 50 degrees.


swim spa options coverCover options for your Medallion Pools swim spa vary widely.  Your choice will depend on how you intend to use your swim spa, where you are installing it, your local climate conditions, etc.  Covers can be from as simple and inexpensive as a small swimming pool winter cover all the way up to an automatic cover with an electric motor that covers and uncovers the swim spa.  The most common type is the insulated spa cover.  This type of cover has a styrofoam core for insulation wrapped in naugahyde for beauty and protection.  These covers come in sections for ease of handling.  Click here to see the wide range of available colors.