Why Buy A Swim Spa

Why buy a swim spa?

swim spa with marble surround

What are the advantages of buying a swim spa? Purchasing a swim spa is a family’s newest addition to their home as an investment to themselves and their backyard. A swim spa is a miniature pool that allows a person to swim either in place or against a swim current with the warmth of a hot tub. Swim spas can serve several purposes; exercising, relaxing, a small pool, or a large spa. If you use the swim spa for exercising you keep the advantage of hydrotherapy without having to pay a membership somewhere. Using the swim spa as a small pool has become very popular over the years. This has started to catch on in areas where the backyard just isn’t big enough. With a swim spa you are able to build a small oasis for yourself and family in the backyard and not take up much room.  Some swim spas are very versatile and can be installed inground, above ground, or partially inground. Since most swim spas are heated this will allow you to use the swim spa as a small pool all year long or just extend your swimming season in the spring and fall. Some swim spas are even portable; if you decide to move you can bring it with you.

Why should you purchase a Medallion Pools Ultra II swim spa

For the last decade, swim spas have become very popular for people with a budget and small back yard. Medallion Pools manufactures the Ultra II Swim Spa, which is the best of both worlds. There are swim spas out there that range anywhere from $6,000 to well over $30,000. Do not let the price scare you; we have swim spas under $10,000 that will do everything you need whether it is for exercise or just to relax and wind down. If you know your backyard will not allow for you to install an inground pool, then you should take a look at the Ultra II Swim Spa. It is very versatile and can be installed above ground, inground, or even partially inground. The nice thing about our Ultra II Swim Spa it is made with a metal wall structure and can be assembled right on the job without the help of a crane. All of the components can typically fit through a standard doorway so the spa could even be assembled in an existing home or building. Since our swim spa is heated, this will allow you to use the swim spa as a small pool all year long or just extend your swimming season in the spring and fall. If you decide to move, you can also take your swim spa with you, just replace the liner. Here at Medallion Pools, we take pride in what we manufacture and also allows us to offer our customers competitive pricing. Your Medallion representative can help you through the decision process so you can make the most informed choices.