Causes of pH Changes in Your Swimming Pool or Spa

Many factors influence the pH changes in your swimming pool and spa water.

Therefore many different causes of pH change exist. The ideal range for pH is 7.2-7.6. Some possible causes for change are;

  1. Rain Water
  2. Use of chlorine tablets (trichlor)
  3. Bromine tablets will lower pH
  4. Gas chlorine dramatically lowers pH
  5. Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid bleach) – raises pH
  6. Calcium Hypochlorite (granular chlorine) – raises pH
  7. Algae growth – absorbs Carbon Dioxide and usually raises pH
  8. Swimmers and swimmers waste will lower pH

Maintaining the proper pH range helps protect your swimming pool equipment, allows the chemical products to work more efficiently and makes the pool water more comfortable for swimming. Here are some of the possible problems caused when pH is not kept in balance;

  1. Clouds pool water
  2. Your pool sanitizer will not be as effective
  3. Could cause scale to form
  4. Possible skin and eye irritation
  5. will corrode equipment and metal items

It is important to test your pool water on a regular basis either by your home test kit or taking a sample of your water to your local pool store. Make sure you have the proper test kit to test for pH.