How To Vacuum A Swimming Pool

The following are generic instructions on how to vacuum a swimming pool that will work for most pools.

As always, see your owner’s manual, ask your installer, and/or speak to the manufacturer for complete instructions for your particular pool:

1. If your pool has dual skimmers and/or a main drain, reduce the water flow to the skimmer/s and/or drain you are not using.

2. Attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head which is attached to your telescopic pole.

3. Fill the hose with water. In one hand you should be holding the telescopic pole with the vacuum hose and vacuum brush attached. Make sure you hold the brush under water. In the other hand should be the end of the vacuum hose (that does not swivel) and you can hold it in front of the pool return wall fitting. As the hose fills up with water, you will start to see a lot of bubbles. When the bubbles stop, the hose is full.

4. Take the end of the hose you held in front of the return fitting and go over to the skimmer. If you purchased an optional skim-vac that will fit over your skimmer basket, you put the end of the vacuum hose into the skim-vac that fits over your skimmer basket. If you do not have a skim-vac, you will need to remove the skimmer basket and put the end of the vacuum hose into the opening below the basket. If you do not have a skim-vac, do not vacuum leaves or anything other than dirt as this will clog your plumbing lines and require you to cut out your decking and dig up your plumbing lines to replace them.

5. Vacuum the pool. Be sure to keep an eye on your pressure gauge or flow of water back into the pool. If pressure increases or flow decreases you will need to disconnect the hose and backwash before continuing.

6. Make sure you keep the vacuum brush under water.

7. When you are finished, turn the pump off and remove the vacuum hose from the skimmer. This will release the pressure from the hose.

8. Backwash the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.