Inground Pool Remodel Ideas

Are you looking for inground pool remodel ideas?

Many people believe that once your pool is installed there is no way to make any upgrades or improvements. That is no longer the case. Below are just a few examples of what is possible with modern design and manufacturing techniques.

inground swimming pool custom liner bench
08 – Custom Liner Bench

There are stairs that fit into the corner of your pool or across the entire shallow end and the new liner will cover this step. No more ladder. A hand rail could also be installed for more stability in entering or exiting your pool. You may even have room to add a lounging area as well. You would not have to destroy any of your pool deck to install this step or rail.

Depending on the age of your pool, some of the older pools that were installed did not have a walk in step. They usually only had a ladder. Now that you are getting a little older, that ladder may not be easy to climb in or out.

Maybe you have a pool with an 8′ deep end but that end of the pool is not used much anymore. With the new liner change, you now have the opportunity to fill that deep end into a more shallow area for playing games, live volleyball. Your local pool installer will be able to discuss these options with you. With a new liner change, now also is a good time to have new skimmer and return face places installed.

Does your pool have a light? If you do not use it or it no longer works, with a new liner install, that light could be eliminated. When it is time to install a new liner, many options are available to you to really change the look of your pool. Your friends and family will love the new look.

Want to find out more? Contact your local Medallion swimming pool dealer for more information and a quote.