Jandy Pool Heater

Jandy Pool Heater – Series JXI

The Jandy JXi is a gas heater that can run on either natural gas or propane. It was designed to be easy to install and use; for example, its top can rotate 180 degrees to make it easy to access the control panel. Its compact, lightweight body can fit into any pool arrangement, making it a great replacement or retrofit option.

The JXi has an output of either 260k or 400k BTU’s per hour. Since there aren’t models with outputs less than 200,000 Btu, JXi heaters aren’t a good option for small pools. The 260,000 Btu model has an 83-percent efficiency rating, which exceeds any Department of Energy regulations. It also has low NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions, which meets air quality regulations in the U.S.

This Jandy heater uses a copper fin heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer. Copper tends to be more efficient but less resistant to corrosion than cupro nickel, an alloy of copper and nickel that other products  use. The JXi can also be used with Jandy’s VersaFlow Integrated Bypass technology, which increases energy savings up to 20 percent over systems without it. This introduces a flow bypass valve into the JXi heater’s header, and it works automatically depending on the call for heat without human interaction.