Swimming Pool Chemical Safety Tips

These are some basic swimming pool chemical safety tips.

When using any chemical products always ready the labels carefully and follow directions precisely. Chemicals protect you when they are used correctly in your pool or spa. Here are some generic safety precautions, but please always read and follow the label directions.

1. Use exact quantities specified, not more. Do not overdose.

2. Don’t mix chemicals together unless the directions say it is okay. Add products separately if instructions do not say okay to mix.

3. Don’t add water to chemicals, add chemicals to water.

4. Handle all chemicals, liquid or dry, with care. Store products in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

5. Always keep chemical containers closed when not in use.

6. For products requiring measuring, use a clean, plastic scoop (or scoop provided in container). Do not interchange scoop or place wet scoop in any chemical containers.

7. A responsible person should handle pool chemicals. Keep out of reach of children.

8. Don’t inhale fumes or let chemicals come in contact with your eyes, nose, mouth or skin. Gloves and safety glasses are recommended.

9. In case of contact or if chemical is swallowed, follow emergency advice on product label and call doctor or local poison control center.

10. Don’t allow chemicals to stand on grass or landscaping.

11. Don’t smoke around chemicals.

12. Many chemicals such as chlorine are corrosive and should not be stored near metal products like bicycles, lawn mowers, cars, etc.

Safety, safety, safety. Swimming pool chemicals help make your pool clean, clear, and fun for the whole family. But, just like any other chemical, they need to be handled safely. Don’t turn a fun afternoon into a trip to the doctor. Be careful with the chemicals then have fun in your pool.