What Is A Fusion System

So just what is a fusion system?

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A fusion system is a form of sanitation for a swimming pool.  You have several different ways to kill bacteria in a pool.  Chlorine, salt (which is still chlorine), non chlorine chemicals such as Baquacil, and minerals such as the Fusion system.

The Fusion system is a canister that houses a cartridge with copper and silver and has a separate canister that acts as a chlorine tablet feeder.  A lot of people think that a salt pool is non chlorine, however a salt water pool takes the salt and converts it into a liquid chlorine.  So with a regular chlorine pool and a salt pool you are still testing for 1-3 ppm chlorine in the water.

With a Fusion / Mineral pool you are relying on the minerals to purify the water and this allows you to have the chlorine level at .5 ppm. drastically lower than a salt or chlorine pool.  By reducing the amount of chlorine in the water and saves money on chemicals and also has more of a natural sanitation process.

Also, with a Fusion system there is no electrical hook up, no worry about corrosion from salt down the road, and less sanitizer chemicals that are needed for the pool.