What Is A Skimvac

A skimvac is used when you vacuum a pool that has a skimmer.

In order to manually vacuum a pool, you need these items; telescopic pole, vacuum hose, and vacuum brush. The Skimvac is the extra item that will make this process easier and save your equipment. They can also be used with suction side automatic vacuums.

Most people that own a skimming pool remove their skimmer basket when they vacuum their pool and insert the end of the vacuum hose into the port in the bottom of the skimmer. If you are cleaning your pool this way, you could potentially cause a plumbing problem or a pump problem. Any leaves or other debris in your pool that you pick up with the vacuum brush are now going directly into your plumbing lines and possibly into the impeller of your pump. This could clog your plumbing lines and cause your impeller not to rotate and the pump would not work.

When you use the Skimvac, you will leave the basket in your skimmer and place this item directly over the basket. The vacuum hose goes into the opening on the skimvac. The size skimvac you will need will depend on what skimmer you have. Your local Medallion swimming pool dealer should be able to help you find the skimvac you need to fit your skimmer. When you finish cleaning your pool, just empty the skimmer basket. no more worry about clogging your plumbing lines or having to remove trash from your pump.