Spas and Hot Tubs From Medallion Pools – The FunTub II

Not All Spa And Hot Tubs Are Created Equal

Medallion spas and hot tubs, the FunTub IIThe therapeutic value of hot water was realized centuries ago. Now you can enjoy the benefits of hot water therapy at home with one of your very own spas and hot tubs, the FunTub II. Top universities and medical professionals agree that hot water is not only relaxing but has a substantial benefit to sore muscles and joints as well as giving great relief to sufferers of chronic back pain.  It is time for you to buy a spa.

More information is available in our Medallion FunTub II Brochure.  Check out more FunTub II pictures in our spa / hot tub pictures gallery.  You have probably heard the term “portable spa”.  Find out what it means here.

Luxury Spas For Virtually Any Budget

No longer do you need to be confused about which spa or hot tub to own. Now you don’t have to let the typical 2000 pound spa dictate where it can be placed. With the FunTub II line of home spas from Medallion Pools, you’re the boss. The FunTub II home spas can be assembled virtually anywhere, regardless of the size of a doorway or hallway. And if you are thinking about putting your FunTub II outside it will make your deck or backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Don’t be taken in by the “me too” hot tubs on the market today with “hundreds of jets”. Remember, it’s not the amount of jets — it’s the amount of water! Simply compare the gallons of water in the FunTub II to the competition, the FunTub II hot tub spa wins hands down. For value, reliability, and a product backed by a company that has been in business for over 50 years, you can’t go wrong with Medallion Pools and a FunTub II.

And when it comes to entertaining, what could be better than family and friends relaxing in the hot, soothing, bubbling waters of a Medallion Pools FunTub II?

Now, through innovative design and manufacturing techniques, Medallion Pools’ FunTub II gives you a spa that can be used for both therapeutic value as well as family entertainment.

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Just Look At These Features

  • The most affordable spa on the market
  • “The most water for the money”
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere – the FunTub II can even fit through some windows and then be assembled in the room you want
  • One of the lowest shipping costs of any spa on the market
  • The deepest spa on the market with 42″ tall walls
  • Available in 7′ diameter round and 8′ diameter round models
  • The most comfortable spa on the market
  • A real in-wall skimmer just like the ones used in pools
  • No fear of acrylic delaminating or cracking
  • State of the art high tech electronic digital controls and support pack
  • The lightest full featured spa on the market
  • Check out the wide selection of liner patterns available
  • Nature2 and BaquaSpa compatible

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