FunTub II vs Acrylic Spas

The Advantages of Medallion’s FunTub II Spa vs. Acrylic Spas

spa hot tub with stone surround

Medallion Pool’s is a manufacturing facility that has been around since 1960 and one of the perks of that is being able to design products that cannot compare to other products out in the market. Over time Medallion has designed several different spas, but this one is one of the best.

The FunTub II has a 42” wall height which makes is deeper than most acrylic spas or inflatable spas out on the market.

Medallion’s FunTub II is made out of the same material used with pools which gives it the versatility of either being installed above ground, inground, or half and half, whereas most acrylic spas have to be installed above ground.

When it comes to moving an acrylic spa, most people cannot do it on their own. They would either need to have a special piece of equipment come in and move it or have multiple people on standby to help move a spa into place. The FunTub II spa comes in panels so one person can move it on their own and it can even fit into a small space. Most acrylic spas required it to sit on a concrete slab whereas our Fun Tub II spa can sit on leveled out dirt.

With an acrylic spa what you see is what you get, if you ever get tired of looking at the same design you can’t change. However with the FunTub II, if you get tired of the look of the spa, you can simply just change the liner and then it would be like having a brand new spa.