What To Look For In A Spa

So you want to know what to look for in a spa.

Now that you have made that decision to purchase a portable spa, how do you decide which one to purchase? That decision should be based on:

  • 1. How many people will use the spa at one time?
  • 2. Do you want a spa with just seats or add a lounger?
  • 3. Would you like one lounger or two in your spa?
  • 4. Where do you plan to place your spa?
  • 5. How many jets do you want and do you want jets on your neck, back and legs?

You can do some homework online by checking out different spa models. A spa is something you need to see in person. Go visit your local Medallion pool & spa dealer. The dealer should have spas on the showroom that you can get into that do not have water in them. Make sure it is deep enough and comfortable for you.

Spas are available with lots of extra features. Some higher end models have built in blue tooth speakers so you can play music from your phone while relaxing in your hot tub. Some have built in stairs that fold out and some have built in towel warmers.

Some spa models are available you can purchase, load on your truck or trailer, take home add water and get in. No electrician is needed to wire the spa into your panel box. These spas will come with a cord and GFCI designed to plug into your wall outlet. Do you have a hard to get to location in mind for your spa in your home? No problem, purchase the FunTub II model designed to be assembled on site. These are available 42” deep and in round and octagon.