Timeline of Medallion Pools History

Timeline of Medallion Pools History

This is a timeline of Medallion Pools history.  These are some of the milestones we reached as we have grown.

1960 – Medallion Pools was founded by John Mazza, Sr. as a local swimming pool builder manufacturing and installing wood wall pools.

1965 – Medallion Pools is now considered the largest pool builder in Virginia. Medallion Pools signs its first dealer, Old Dominion Pools in Richmond, VA.

1970 – Medallion Pools is manufacturing and installing over 150 pools per year. The average pool dealer in Virginia is installing 5 to 7 pools per year.

1974 – John Mazza, Jr. graduates college and comes to work for Medallion Pools full time.

1976 – Medallion Pools produces its first aluminum wall pool. Medallion Pools still produces wood walls as well.

1978 – Medallion Pools adds steel walls to its product line.

1979 – Medallion Pools becomes one of the first companies in America to produce a spa and the only company producing a vinyl liner spa – everyone in the industry said 1980 – Medallion Pools adds stainless steel walls to its product line.

1981 – Medallion Pools produces customized stairs for inground pools.

1985 – Medallion Pools becomes a full line distributor of most major brands of pool accessories.

1989 – Medallion Pools introduces the FunTub – eight sided spa with models up to 1,000 gallons.

1990 – John Mazza, Jr. and Vicki Parks purchase Medallion Pools from Virginia Mazza.

1991 – Medallion Pools produces one of the first swim spas in the industry – the Supreme Swim Spa.

1992 – Medallion Pools offers fully customized vinyl liner pool shapes.

1995 – Medallion Pools develops a new style of adjustable A-frame brace – this brace saved over 50% in production time as well as cutting the cost of a A-frame brace in half

1998 – Medallion Pools aluminum walls are now produced using a proprietary clinching method – the first in the industry

2000 – Medallion Pools purchases a new 90,000 square manufacturing center on Interstate 95 in Colonial Heights, VA.

2003 – The third generation joins Medallion Pools – John Mazza, III.

2003 – Medallion Pools forms MVP – Medallion Vinyl Products – a vinyl liner manufacturing company with the most modern and high tech manufacturing equipment in the entire industry.

2005 – All of Medallion Pools’ manufacturing is now under one roof.

2006 – The Ultra Swim Spa is developed.

2007 – The Aerobispa Swim Spa is developed.

2008 – Medallion Pools introduces its 20 gauge galvanized steel wall – sales exceed estimates by over 400%.

2010 – American Fabricated Metals is formed and purchases the fabrication division of Medallion Pools to produce all of the metal products.

2010 – MVP is sold to Plastimayd and Medallion Pools adds Plastimayd liners as one of its distributed products.

2011 – A new state of the art turret press was added to the production line – cutting production time by over 75% while increasing quality 10 fold.

2012 – First production model of the Ultra II Swim Spa is sold – this swim spa spent over two years in research and development and has far exceeded sales expectations.

2013 – A new, heavier duty clinching machine was added to our production line to increase versatility and increase production speed.

2014 – Performed a complete renovation of our display area for customers to see our products and provide a training facility for our many dealers from around the world.

2015 – Introduced our new affordable Cove Seat and Swim Out.

2016 – Performed a complete redesign of our inground pool panels in order to incorporate new manufacturing techniques to our production process thus improving quality and time.

2016 – John Mazza, Jr. purchases the other half of Medallion Pools from his sister Vicki Parks.

2016 – Signed on with Waterlines to represent our product lines in the North East.

2017 – Purchased a state of the art Trumpf CNC press brake to improve quality and increase production capacity.

2018 – Brought on Blythe Sales Associates as our North East product representation firm.

2019 – After more than two years of research and development Medallion developed one of the most unique pools in the industry – The Smart Wall Pool. This is a fully insulated pool capable of being virtually any shape or size.

2019 – Purchased a roll former and open concept CNC foam cutter to expand our design capabilities.

2020 – Purchased a Trumpf 4kw laser for even higher quality and faster cutting.

2021 – Added a second Trumpf CNC press brake and more clinching machines to increase production capacity.